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Now the size of a town, Castle Volkihar Redux is the ultimate Vampire Castle home for the true King of Skyrim. Every blocked portal is now a new place. New towers, quests, Molag Bal buffs, robes, followers, tavern, guards, crafting and much more. Dawnguard DLC is required.

*Did you finish Dawnguard and wonder why Castle Volkihar didnt upgrade?
*Did you think the blocked portals would open up into a real homestead?
*Than look no further, this mod does exactly that!

Updated July, 15th, 2014 (fixes mass spawn of animals on volkihar docks)

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Castle Volkihar Redux Wiki

1.) Must have the Dawnguard DLC purchased and installed
2.) Install anytime but, castle wont upgrade until you complete "Touching the Sky" (get Auriels bow)
3.) Doesnt matter if you choose vampire or dawnguard side.

It's good to be king
Fortify Volkihar
Releasing the Coven
Port of Call
The Forgotten Tower
Keep em Coming
The Smell of Death (Starts in Solitude - hideout for starter vampires)

Coming Soon+Purchase Upgrades Gargoyle level+Hearthfire Version (do not wait to install, it will be safe to migrate over)

+Plug in QuestsPERKSNew
+Gargoyle Followers
+Undercroft Market
+Guild Hall Boss room decorated
+Wife moves in Castle Volkihar
+Namira's Gift - Place Namira's ring in the shrine and see what spawns!Existing
+All Castle Guards and Gargoyles follower ready
+6 New Quests
+Custom Banners, signs, crates, carpets
+Balcony above Shipyard & Courtyard
+Daedric artifact displays
+Shipyard Upgrades twice!
+Playable Organs
+Light Switches in each Tower
+Dragon Mask and Claw Display
+Vault: heavily guarded secure storage
+Summonable Vampiric Horse
+Anti Sunhood
+Blood Potion Cauldron & Buckets
+Blacksmith, Enchanting, Alchemy % bonus stations
+Sleeping chambers
+Highly Enchanted Molag Bal robes
+Safe Storage
+Molag Bal Shrine gives massive buff
+Blood bath gives well fed bonus, cure all
+Swimming and bath area (North Tower Vault)
+Bust of Change your face (North Tower Vault)
+Tavern with four bards who always play something & take requests.
+Blood Potion Vendors
+2 Teleportation systems (6 cities and internal castle wings)
+15 bedrooms throughout the castle follower ready
+Endless thralls to feed on
+Live training (East Tower)
+3 New Fast Travel Markers
+Fully restored courtyard & 2 Private Balcony's
+Fast travel spell tome to castle
+Guards added to all halls and exterior of castle
+Added 4 new Towers to the castle
+Shipyard restored with travel ready ship helm

Castle Volkihar has been occupied by vampire's for centuries. Prior to Harkon taking over the castle, his brother Brunar was the head of the coven.
Harkon raised an army and finally after a decade of fighting stormed the castle and locked his brother and his coven away in the family tombs. After acquiring Auriels Bow you must find the coven and set them free by awakening them from their long hibernationVampirism was created by Daedric prince Molag Bal. You will find new apparel and magical influences from him throughout the Castle.

Shipyard Waypoint: The Castle Volkihar Shipyard and it's boats have been restored. You can use them to travel to the shores of Tamriel

Towers of the Castle:
Daedric South Tower (artifact displays), Valerica Tower (Formerly the ruins), North Tower, East Tower and *West TowerCastle Volkihar is the size of a town, one of the largest player homes made to date.
This castle home features 15 follower ready guest rooms, study/meeting room/library, Vault armory, live training, laboratories, master Vampire sleeping Chamber, dining room, kitchen, Master Vampire's throne room, church, torture chamber, secret cave, and a Teleportation Wing for starters.

Caslte Volkihar not only offers access to every kind of crafting station in the game, you will be provided with a special 25% bonus when using them! There are primary crafting stations such as Forges, Alchemy Tables, Enchanting stations, but also Wood Chopping Blocks and Cooking Pots.
4 unique Blood Cauldron/Buckets to brew blood potions (2 human flesh = 5 blood potions)

You will not find any wimpy shrines other than Molag Bal shrines through out the castle. But let it be known that the blessing from Molag Bal trumps all those other lesser daedric blessings all put together.
When Molag Bal bestows his chosen with a blessing, he wants them stronger than any foe in the known planes of existence.

Valerica has brought her knowledge of teleportation magic from the soul cairn to the castle. A special teleportation wing has been added. It includes two teleportation networks, one for the castle internally and one to six major cities throughout Tamriel. Portal to Forgotten Vale in castle tombs. 2 spell tomes teach: return home.

Unique Items:
Robes of the minions of Molag Bal. These highly enchanted robes help his minions carry out his desires throughout the plane of Tamriel and beyond. The robes (crafted in Coldharbour the realm of Molag Bal) are 2nd to none for mages, warriors and thieves.
The robes are also craftable under misc should you bring more initiates into the fold. Summonable Vampiric Horse, etheral Gargoyle swords.

Display and storage:
You will find manequinns, weapon/racks, chests, display cases, and much more throughout the Castle. You will want to visit the North Tower Vault which is specifically designed for this.

Display your Dragon Priest Masks and claws in the North Tower Vault. Even change your face.
*New special Daedric artifacts South Tower.

Traders and Crafters:
You will find a Blacksmith at the Shipyard, an alchemist trainer in the East Tower, a blood potion bartender (sells blood potions) Val Tower, and Captain Wheeler sells blood potions, gives you profits once a month. The Undercroft is now a vampire flea market.

Volkihar Draugr and Gargoyle Guards:
These guards once served Harkon. They now serve you. All 40 Guards, Creatures and Vampires are follower ready excluding the vampires that visit the castle in Valeric'as Tavern or the Undercroft.

TROUBLE SHOOTINGFAQ & Solutions -Click Here-MANUAL INSTALLATION Download - Click Here-How to update mods on steam -click here-


Bethesda Softworks - They are Awesome
-Valve/Steam - Great Hosting
-AARS, Insanity, Stroti, ax, DarkRider - Meshes Textures
-Darkfox127 - Tutorials
-Amel - Robes-Paradux - Robes
-Anduniel - Scripting help
-Adura - Scripting help
-Reaper9111 - Scripting help
-Emma - .fuz help
-giskard - CK advice
-Spirit-Alu - Art

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Oh god I can't download this mod

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can somone bring this good mod back?

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DiGiTaLCLeaNeR Creator

This mod has been moved exclusively to the steam workshop here:

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DiGiTaLCLeaNeR Creator

Hi, this mod has an entire support thread on the steam website. A direct solution for people with this issue can be found here:

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Dude, ur like the best. I've been searching for something like this forever. really thx like really really really thx.

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DiGiTaLCLeaNeR Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thank you! I'm having lost of fun with this. I have no clue how to vote up, but i would if i knew how.

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Don't you want o link the translation here?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
DiGiTaLCLeaNeR Creator

Did you update it to the July, 15th version? Cause the old one had a big flaw of animals spawning on the docks. Let me know. Sorry it took me so long to see this. You are welcome to link it here!!!

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