Reloaded is a conservative, hardcore-oriented effort to fix and improve every aspect of the original game with a massive amount of compiled and personal overhauls, bug fixes and restored content.

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I was actually very inspired by the contemplative videos of Metro 2033 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R made by this gentleman while making this trailer: Seriously, take a look at his channel and do not hesitate to follow his work. His editing work is great and he has pretty good visual ideas.

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What a great trailer this is! The (original) Stalker music brought a tear to my eye, then the Fallout 1 music almost made me cry. I guess I'm a little too sentimental

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This trailer was recorded in 1280x720 with Very High settings, Dx10 and all Hud elements disabled. You can watch this video on Youtube for a better quality:

Here's an atmosphere video demonstrating sound-design and graphical enhancements for Call of Pripyat Reloaded. I wanted to make a contemplative video for this game a long time ago, so I've recorded around two hours of in-game clips, but I never find the motivation to make something coherent with all that stuff.

However, I've chosen a cinema option for my final High-school exams and I've got to make a ten minute short movie for it, so I wanted to make something original and I've decided to capture an entire day in the Zone, using mostly static shots and changing the frequency of the news ambients sounds so they are a bit more common and make each shot looks and sounds living. So, except for the Inside rain sound I've used at 2:46, every ambiants sounds will be hear in-game with the mod. (And even in the Vanilla game for some of them) I hope you will enjoy !

And in case you will ask, here's the musics used in this video:

* Meditation:
From the 1979 Tarkovski's masterpiece "Stalker".

* Library suite:
From "Halo: Combat Evolved" Soundtrack.

* Metallic Monks:
From "Fallout" Soundtrack.

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