Reloaded is a conservative, hardcore-oriented effort to fix and improve every aspect of the original game with a massive amount of compiled and personal overhauls, bug fixes and restored content.

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The first open beta of Call of Pripyat Reloaded 0.6 is now available with a complete overhaul of graphics, sound and new gameplay additions.

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The first open beta of Call of Pripyat Reloaded 0.6 is now available with a complete overhaul of graphics, sound and new gameplay additions. This version is not compatible with 0.5, plus a light version compatible with mods like Smrter SGM and will be out soon, so far this beta contains most of the graphical enhancements that will be present in 0.6 as well as some changes gameplay aimed at optimizing the game

  • 2085 New high definition textures touching everything, land, organic textures, weapons,
    vegetation ...
  • 200 additional music camp and work full on sounds with improved environmental sounds,
    the music, of firearms, and the common dialogs (NPC encountered outside for example) but restored in Russian with voice-related quests kept in the base language of the player.
  • Atmosfear 1.3 Improve included with the sky textures optional HD.
  • Gnomus scopes with contrast enhanced Fwouedd included.
  • improving rain, thicker and annoying to the sight unless we find a proper shelter (trees, tent ...)
  • New menu and loading
    screen mod + no-intro.
  • Changing the "light night" for more contrasting shadows and lighting control as good as CS and CSS.
  • New animations for the SVD, the SVU, the PKM, the SPAS12 and winchester 1300 by Gosuke and kingfriday.
  • Detector Svarog improved and new visual effects for the detectors, the LEDs are really bright andare managed as a source of light.
  • All neon lamps and can bedestroyed (dynamic lighting mode only)
  • Improving the balance of artifacts with a change of features, many artifacts reappear after a
    Blowout for pushing the player exploring, they also cost (and therefore
    sell) more expensive and more difficult to obtain.
  • The chimera is weaker than before (as she had said pluton indestructible master mode) but is faster and jumps three times more often.
  • The Burer are much more resistant and aggressive
  • The controllers are more resistant and deadly
  • The pseudo-giant is slower but is three times stronger than before.
  • The bodies of the monsters and NPCs disappear faster card in a concern for realism and to
    avoid falling FPS stupid.
  • the range of the knife attack is larger.
  • A helicopter will appear once a day but still Zaton at high altitude. During the mission of the
    Owl has the mercenary base, this one will be attacked by the same helicopter, I will not break the pleasure of this mini-quest, but this attack is related to an element of the scenario if you ask enough stalkers insights about the helicopters above the lakes of Pripyat, I'll send an email to the creator of the mod to see if I could not work on it with him.

this is sweet. im sadly going to wait for 1.0 cause i suck a testing

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Gosh I love this series.

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Awesome. It's fantastic to see that people care for this game. You might want to rewrite the description text since it's a little clumsy and not translated correctly. Cheers.

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Looking forward to trying it out. I'll let you know if I have any problems.

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what's the point of making pseudogiant even stronger? he's always an ammo sink that I avoid rather than try to kill.

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What about performances ?

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Finaly we've got a real graphic improvment with this mod! With really good texture resolution. I consider the Complete and Osoznanie mods great optical improvements but they suck in terms of texture resolutions. The Reloaded mod is the first real step in this direction! It's pity it should currently have failed just a step away from fine resolution textures like those that a simple texture mod for the Shadow of Chernobyl game has, called Photorealistic mod by Argus with its 4096х4096 textures! ( The asphalt and ground looks awfully excelent in it. I always wonder why all STALKER series has not yet been complemented with high- and ultra-high resolution textures for even an outdated game from the year 2004 such as Half-Life 2 got very high resolution textures and graphics with its cinema mod, - 10 gigabyte of pure graphics and live faces!

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