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Call of Duty: Origin of Honor

Call of Duty: Origin of Honor brings you back to the beginning of the Call of Duty series.
modification involves custom content, while the primary experience of
Call of Duty
will be retained

Info about Call of Duty (2003/2004)

Infinity Ward & Activision placed gamers in the shoes of a foot soldier in the American, British, and Russian armies during the World War II. These soldiers aren't the one-man armies of other games; these soldiers are just another cog in the war machine.

“The game was somewhat unusual at the time in that throughout the single-player mode the player is joined by computer-controlled allies who range in quantity from two infantrymen (in some of the British missions) to an entire regiment of tanks (in the Soviet missions). The computer-controlled allies will support the actual player during the missions. They also further the game's goal of providing an immersive and realistic experience; that is, soldiers in World War II were usually part of a larger group, as opposed to the "lone wolf" seen in video games such as Medal of Honor.” [Wikipedia - Call of Duty (video game)]

So Infinity Ward created a groundbreaking game which deserved the Game of the Year Title 2003.

Content in Call of Duty: Origin of Honor

> A huge singleplayer experience with several new campaigns.

> The difficulty, AI, and weapons have been changed to provide enhanced realism (like multiplayer competition).

> The menu has more advanced settings, such as the new 1080p resolution option and displayrefresh.

> Selected custom content like mods, maps, weapons by various authors will be added.

> United Offensive expansion (singleplayer) will be included with dramatically changes to be like the origin.

> Involving of competiton mod PAM (Project Ares Mod) & selected multiplayer maps

> All together, all stuff in one package (planned to be standalone).

ZYQUIST (aka reissue_)

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Clanbase, a league where Call of Duty Classic was played since release to 2011 actively, went down (in 2013). Project Ares Mod was a standard to play competitions like on Clanbase. Now, the league CyberGamer has started a new series of competitions for Call of Duty Classic. And now, Project Ares Mod, in short P.A.M., needs some updates (to stick with actual competitions like of Call of Duty 2).

P.A.M. for Call of Duty Classic was originally developed by Garetjax. It is a mod to set league settings and options within server commands in one server-side mod and with admin commands.
P.A.M. V1.08 just supported the game-type "Search and Destroy". P.A.M. V1.11 and further versions will support more game-modes with growing attention of Call of Duty Classic at CyberGamer or other Leagues.

REISSUE Project Ares Mod V1.11 for Call of Duty

CHANGELOG P.A.M. V1.08 to rPAM V1.11:

rPAM is developed by zyquist (also known as the player reissue_).
The mod is based on V1.08 by Garetjax/V1.09 by zyquist, and useing P.A.M. V1.10 (fixed) by CyberGamer + #UnioN.SqD Rifles P.A.M. as reference for Rifles Only

additional credits:
Michael Berkowitz aka Garetjax - P.A.M. V1.08
inflexZ, walrus, Megazor - script-elements
Benelux Development Team (Operation Market Garden Mod) - IW Credits menu tab
Keso - visual fixes

# rPAM V1.11 - General Game Changes:

* normalized ambient sounds on maps for American to match the volume compared to the rest of the default maps

* there is a new command to change ambient sounds volume to 0%; 50%; 75%; 100%
> optional by command (rcon) rpam_ambientsounds 0 / 0.5 / 0.75 / 1 ; default value is 1
> is working in all game modes on all default maps including map german_town

* nade count is set like in Clanbase/CyberGamer settings
> rifles = 2 nades
> smg/automatic-rifles = 1 nade
> sniper = 1 nade

* added a new menu for the client
> client will need the z_svr_rPAMv111.pk3 file
> added advanced video settings for the client
> added a new loadingscreen for german_town
> added a new loadingscreen for changing/unknown maps

* added smoke/fx fixes by Keso

* added reload animation fix fore mosin nagant rifle by Keso

# rPAM V1.11 - S&D Changes:

* the nade exploit of previous versions of P.A.M. versions is fixed
> you wont get two nades by switching any weapon while pam's clockwork at end of a round

* sniper limitation bug of previous P.A.M. versions is fixed
> previous sniper wont get the sniper again after switching to any other weapon, player could take sniper while a strat time of 8 seconds

* move exploit in strat time (holding all players) is fixed within a new strat time mode
> optional by command (rcon) rpam_strat 0 / 1 ; default value is 0
> to set the strat time senconds use the command (rcon) rpam_strat_time 3 / 5 / 8 / 10 / 10
> rpam_strat_time = scr_sd_graceperiod and is changing this commands ; default value is off
> while the new rpam_strat 1 (mint text color) players can join teams (is also working while timeout during strat time)
> the old strat time mode is retained (scr_strat_time (green text color V1.08))

* P.A.M.'s V1.08 force bolt rifles mode is working like in V1.08
> scr_force_bolt_rifles 0 / 1 ; default value is 0

* fixed a ready-up bug appeared while testing rPAM V1.11
> bomb planted and ready-up was not available anymore

* deleted redundant rulesets

* added/changed the directory system of P.A.M. for messages, rulesets of leagues & ruleset checks

* changed some colors, font scales and position of texts and messages

* fixed the stop watch for spectators

* added a bombtimer
> optional by command (rcon) rpam_countdownclock 0 / 1 ; default value is 0

* added a reminder that recording demo is mandatory when all players readied-up
> gives time to the players to enter the name of the demo before a half starts
> optional by command (rcon) rpam_demorecordinfo 0 / 1 ; default value is 0

* added Rifles Only Mode, combined with oneshot kill, hitblip, fastshoot message system
> optional by command (rcon) rpam_riflesonly 0 / 1 ; default value is 0
> independant from scr_force_bolt_rifles
> fastshooting will display a message which player exploited and also do counts

* added a disable function for killing while ready-up mode
> optional by command rpam_rdyupkilling ; default value is 0

* added optional volume for ambient sounds
> optional by command (rcon) rpam_ambientsounds 0 / 0.5 / 0.75 / 1 ; default value is 1

* added cvar forcing for the client
> optional by command (rcon) rpam_checkclientcvars ; default value is 1
> this will just change some not necessary commands when a player do spawn

* added configs to setup strat time
> input is displaying an echo for the admin
> for changing strat time: (rcon) exec s3.cfg / s5.cfg / s8.cfg / s10.cfg / s15.cfg

* added message systems for changing commands
> for all players visible like in P.A.M. V1.08
> all rpam_ commands; sv_fps; interdictions

* added a module to force spectators to black out
> optional by command (rcon) rpam_blackout_spec 0 / 1 ; default value is 0
> black out screen disappears when joining a team
> command sv_specblackout is retained and still working

* added a new players left display
> optional by command (rcon) rpam_playersleft 0 / 1 ; default value is 0
> the old players left display is retained (sv_playersleft)

# rPAM V1.11 - S&D Rulesets:

bash (Bash Round)
pub (with some CyberGamer settings)
pub_rifles (with some CyberGamer settings)
pub_boltrifles (P.A.M.'s Force Bolt Rifles Mode & with some CyberGamer settings)
strat (Strategy Planning Mode)
custom (default rPAM settings, mode like V1.08 design)

CyberGamer Match Modes:

cg_rifles _practice
cg_rifles _mr3
cg_rifles _mr10
cg_rifles _mr12
cg_rifles _mr15
cg_custom (similar to cb_custom of V1.08)

able to switch with command (rcon) pam_mode

P.A.M. V1.10 Changelog:

V1.10 fixed / fixed2 (2015)
* horrible mod, log and credit skipped

P.A.M. V1.09 Changelog:

V1.09 by zyquist (aka reissue_)
1) changed colors and font scales for a new touch of P.A.M.
2) added fresh new Clanbase rulesets (2010)
3) deleted redundant rulesets
4) added messages for Clanbase rulesets
5) added configs to setup strat time and round length in notime

1.08 Final Changes and previous versions:

Project Ares Mod by Michael Berkowitz aka "Garetjax"
Please look ChangelogV108.txt for more informations.

Best Regards, ZYQUIST

RSS Files
CoD2 Multiplayer ESCA Map mp_valence_v3b

CoD2 Multiplayer ESCA Map mp_valence_v3b


CoD2 Multiplayer ESCA Map mp_valence_v3b by mapcreator TheArmy

vCOD Origin of Honor Multiplayer Mappack #1

vCOD Origin of Honor Multiplayer Mappack #1


Origin of Honor Multiplayer Mappack #1: This mappack contains three maps: mp_germantown by Steiner, mp_container by openfire, mp_priory by Philip A. Mecozzi...

vCOD rPAM V1.11

vCOD rPAM V1.11

Server 2 comments

CALL OF DUTY rPAM V1.11 release by zyquist ------------------------------------------ For more information about this download please press >>

vCOD demos

vCOD demos


A wild bunch of random demos, which means replays of e-sportive CoD matches. The bundle contains pro 5on5 matches at lans, clanbase, esl, ... and even...




woreZpruti Movie by : Tomas "meth" Poulíèek Starring : Michal "f!rSt" Štìrba Jan "pedik" Fric Tomáš "G-un!T" Holinka Petr "ForFunny" Janýr Filip...

vCOD-FRAGMOVIE c0Re ~ a St4r is b0rn

vCOD-FRAGMOVIE c0Re ~ a St4r is b0rn


Here we have a fragmovie made by and starring, c0Re a German player, who has played United Offensive only. Well, it's the only archived UO movie by me...

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death mod!

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Looks good! :)

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Is this mod dead?

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Is this mod dead or what...?

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Your great mod took its place.

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Thanks for the credits reissue! :)

Awesome mod!

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I greatly anticipate the progress and release of this mod! ^_^

"Call of Duty 2" may be a wonderful sequel (and even with the upcoming Back2Fronts mod in progress), but it certainly will be lovely to give the original old gal a spin, especially with this remastering! :D

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Where is the download to play? I wanna try this.

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