CALIFORNIA MEGAMOD is a multi-mod for GTA San Andreas that contains LOTS of new stuff to improve the game at 200%, several themed mods, new game-modes, new vehicles, tuning options, new textures, new peds, new plants, new weapons, new clothes, tags, tattoos, maps, special FXs, scripts, technical improvements, etc. California Megamod allows you to have different mods and total conversions at same time in just 1 GTA San Andreas, and play the one you want with just a double click with the mouse... ... Este es un conjunto de mods singleplayer para Grand Theft Auto San Andreas que mejora el juego al 200% ademas de contener muchos diferentes Modalidades de juego, (gamemodes) algunos tienen diferentes vehiculos, piezas de tuning, armas, texturas, personajes, ropas, tatuajes, mapas y mas cosas... El California megamod te permite tener instalado 1 solo gta san andreas pero jugarlo como si fueran muchos (jugar con mods distintos cada vez)

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Wolverine New Adventures Episode 001
recorded in California Megamod v.3.2 (Wolverine mod) with ENB disabled
in this video i was supposed to call the X-MEN when things get too tough, and so i could record a nice video of them fighting the maffia, but i completly forgot about them xDDDD. I started recording this video because i was suposedly going to test the modifications i had just made in the gangs menu section of the cheats menu, i needed to test if the X-MEN and other superheroes could be spawned without crashes reading them from skin.img instead of from the base folder as i used to do, because i recently had to remove the superheroes from base folder to fix the outbreak mod, and then i was afraid i should have to remove the options of spawning superheros from the cheats menu because they will no longer be available for loading from base folder and then it could lead to crashes, but then i had a great idea, i intalled the superheroes in the skin.img (some of them already were there to allow to use them as player models replacing CJ) and edited the cheats menu and tested if they could be spwaned from skin.img and IT WORKED !!! and so i dont have to remove the options for spawning superheroes from cheats menu, and i even included a few new superheroes (some better versions) and i also included a new option to spawn terrorists and counter-terrorists.

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