CALIFORNIA MEGAMOD is a multi-mod for GTA San Andreas that contains LOTS of new stuff to improve the game at 200%, several themed mods, new game-modes, new vehicles, tuning options, new textures, new peds, new plants, new weapons, new clothes, tags, tattoos, maps, special FXs, scripts, technical improvements, etc. California Megamod allows you to have different mods and total conversions at same time in just 1 GTA San Andreas, and play the one you want with just a double click with the mouse... ... Este es un conjunto de mods singleplayer para Grand Theft Auto San Andreas que mejora el juego al 200% ademas de contener muchos diferentes Modalidades de juego, (gamemodes) algunos tienen diferentes vehiculos, piezas de tuning, armas, texturas, personajes, ropas, tatuajes, mapas y mas cosas... El California megamod te permite tener instalado 1 solo gta san andreas pero jugarlo como si fueran muchos (jugar con mods distintos cada vez)

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Skvělá práce, jen tak dál :D



Once you have already played the GTA SA main game its hard to go back. I had the game on xbox but never quite finished it. The sole reason i purchased the game again on pc was after seeing the mods available, especially this one !
This mod breathes new life and breathtaking vibrancy to the game. So many options available with all the sub missions , hero modes and themed free roam modes yet i am still only playing through the main game with a plethora of extra content/features and an astounding visual overhaul.

very good.



Wakil_Ahmed says

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I Love This Game


This mod is a MASTERPIECE if you love Gta San Andrea's total conversion mods this one is the king of them all. Not only is it a total conversion but its the most stable mod out there. The best part is that it's extremely easy to mod and add stuff of your own. I highly recommend it you will NOT be disappointed.


Nice work!


Oh my god! this is amazing, a great compilation of excellent mods that make your game so fresh and new, it's like a whole new game, this IS the overhaul you need to make your GTA: SA better, fresher and unique!

I like a lot this mod, the only think I don't like is that have only 1 update since 2012, I like have new things, and haven't got it in a long time.

Hblar ingles es chungo jaja


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