Recreation of the Black & White 2 campaign by adding new features (including a skirmish mode), changed balance and an improved AI.

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Nov 1 2019 Anchor

Here you can see the changelog for the Redux mod version 1.6.*.

Version 1.6.2


  • In the second japanese land the AI will now attack a bit later
  • The AI will now recruit a bit less troops on all difficulties
  • The AI will now try to use the maximum range of siege weapons if it detects influence nearby target


  • Changed maximum age of villagers
  • Good gods now gain as much alignment as an evil god loses when winning a land
  • Decreased time it needs until a town is captured aggressively
  • Decreased effectiveness of productivity bonus of fields
  • Increased amount of food animals give
  • Increased birth rates
  • Increased villagers effectiveness when building stuff
  • Reduced desire for spare- and sleep-time
  • Players can now do actions nearby of their influence much more effectively
  • Increased siege weapons max range
  • Decreased overall needed impressiveness on very easy, easy, normal and very hard


  • Fixed some AI patrols
  • Fixed getting ore when demolishing a meadow
  • Fixed several platoons having the wrong flag on the extended campaign mode
  • Made it easier to close off the walls
  • Improved platoon navigation


  • Added a effect when starting hand forcing to indicate mana consumption
  • Updated readme with link to source of the scripts used in the redux mod

Version 1.6.1


  • Fixed a bug where atmos sound volume was changed during cutscenes
  • Possible fix for crash which sometimes occured when capturing a minor settlement
  • Changed platoons movement speed to prevent platoons from dancing
  • Fixed a creche being assigned to the wrong town in the four-gods skirmish map
  • Set firerain cloud to spawn a bit higher

Version 1.6


  • Platoon Types have been added to add some diversity to troops
    • 'Charger': A fast melee platoon which can flank enemy troops and chase archers and catapults easily. However, these are weaker in combat
    • 'Heavy Platoon': A slow melee platoon which has more defense and a bit less attack damage
    • 'Shooters': A ranged platoon which has the ability to shoot arrows over a much larger range. But they are less precisive and much slower in combat
    • Besides there are the normal platoons where balance is tweaked and in-battle-navigation has been improved
  • Added possibility for evil players to recruit undead platoons with the graveyard
  • Added spanish language support to the mod. Some minor text hasn't been translated yet and some characters could be displayed incorrectly
  • Added more dynamic music to the skirmish maps, land 7, land 10 and land 13. Also changed which music is played in the opening stages of the final land


  • Changed maximum mana to 60.000
  • Rebalanced meteroid wonder and changed its mana costs to 60.000
  • Changed how the enemy AI will react to evil gods in the last land
  • Increased siege weapons max fire distance
  • Decreased siege weapons area of effect damage
  • Siege weapons cost more ore and wood
  • Added a dynamic difficulty for campaigns. The longer a player is on an island the easier it gets. This has less impact on harder difficulties
  • God forcing can now be used below 1.000 mana
  • Evil and good gods now generate mana like a neutral god
  • Set default difficulty to easy


  • Fixed a bug where evil gods got too many good alignment points
  • Improved how the game restores the player creature if it got lost before (For example if the savegame is partially broken)
  • Fixed a bug where flags would get mixed up sometimes (Melee platoon with ranged platoon flag or migration with army flag and so on)
  • Fixed some scripting issues regarding the last land (Enemy using volcano even though it doesn't own it/using it inside your influence and some other issues)
  • Increased time between advisor remindments
  • Fixed enemy building hurricane sometimes in the second aztec land


  • Changed how much alignment you get after winning a land. After each land you and your creature get or lose 5% alignment
  • Removed last 100 soldiers from being purchaseable (new profile is required for this)
  • Changed the description text of hand forcing in the tribute menu to mention mana consumption
  • Changed land 4 lost sheeps quest to trigger a bit later
  • Building Hovels, Houses and villes no longer has an influence on alignment
  • Building armories also no longer has an influence on alignment, attacking however a bit more
  • Lots of other minor bug fixes

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Dec 19 2019 Anchor


I have decided to re-install BW2 after a couple of years. I'm half way of the vanilla campaign now and decided to look for mods and eventually found Redux. I have looked at the patch logs of all the patches and they look very impressive and promising. It's just so great to see someone still being interested to create a big mod after 14 years, you definitely deserve some respect here!

I definitely will try out your mod these days and will give you proper feedback to it.

Some of the balance changes however are a bit questioning to me, but I won't complain until I have had any experience with them yet.

I also would like to provide you suggestions for future patches. Most of the suggestions are for the visual side though, but I have been looking for such changes since a decade already. I'm sure you have played BW1 as well. There is one big difference in terms of the alignment affection between BW1 and BW2, which would be that the environment/ground/towns change in BW2, while the ENB and sky changes in BW1. Whenever you entered an area of a good or evil god, the entire screen got either very dark or very bright/glowing. That is something I would wish for BW2 as well. I'm not sure whether that's even possible to do, but I'd be so grateful if you could try to do that.

I have noted that you changed the good/evil points a bit and the result is that the progress is slower now, right? With that I'd also wish that the ultimate good and evil is more... extreme. When being 100% evil, the town gets very dark, but I think this could be increased even more. It would be cool if the lava-covered floor is even more dark, going into the direction of being nearly black - same goes for the buildings. They are dark, but they could be even darker. Of course, this goes the same way for being good. Even brighter grass, really white glowing buildings etc.

I remember in the past I have created a visual mod for the hands by making them look more like in BW1 -> Evil = deeply red hand with black nails. Good = Yellow hand with colorful nails. The visuals looked good, but I experienced an issue with the game's script about that. Without being either 100% good or evil the hands looked very weird (I can't really decribe the issue - maybe you know it). That would be something that would need a bit of fixing as well. If you ever thought about changing the designs of the hands as well, I might offer you my help for the designs if you like.

Also, if you ever look for new music for your mod, I gladly would help you out there. I'm an experienced orchestral composer and I could compose short soundtracks. Be it for land intros/outros, new fight themes for the later lands. I also could cover/re-create old soundtracks from BW1 and fresh them up a little bit.

Gonna test out your mod very soon and will let you know my experience! I'm especially excited about the skirmish mod, can't wait to see what you have done there! =)

Add: Oh, I just have one question to ask. Can I just install the 1.6 patch straight up or do I have to install patch by patch (1.0 - 1.6)?

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