They say that every person is like a tower. Your principles are the wooden base on which it is built. Your morals are the stones that enclose the soul which resides within. Mine is different. My tower is built on festered beams of decaying driftwood. My bricks are brittle and cracked, and consist only of sickening lies and hypocrisy. Its dweller is a twisted and mangled abomination which should not be allowed to see the light of day for as long as it lives. I swore on false motives to protect the one I cared for, even if it was against her will. I can only ask myself this now. Do I still deserve her? Do I even deserve to live?

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KiraImmortal says

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a very unique and creative mod with enjoyable gameplay and story :) some things were not so obvious to find out, and it's a shame it's unfinished, but it's still decent work! i hope you finish this one day or make something else in a similar manner :|


GoodGamePlayer says

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I would call this custom story "experimental". It has nice puzzle ideas, and the level design is quite good. However, it lacks "action", something to make this custom story more lively.


CoriiMts says

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Nice cs!


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