IMPORTANT: Release and updates are included right when Tychus Frindlay releases Shadow of the Infestation.


After many years later of the brood war, the zerg work in breeding themselves to create new units. Kerrigan, the leader of the zerg took many chances to infest more terrans. The protoss, needing new technology, achieved it from making varieties of strong war assault units. The terrans hid under Jim Raynor's care and fled through the Hyperion. The new saga begins here:


IMPORTANT:This Mod Works With Starcraft or Starcraft Brood War v.1.16.1. No need to downgrade if you have the version required. If you want to test the old alpha version I upgraded, try using 1.15.1 to test all the bugs.

IMAGE DELETES: The reason for like 15 image deletes is because:
1. The screenshots have no control and bottom and minimap bars.
2. They were taking too much of the image section.
3. Some are not important.

Download Link To Beta:

Good Testers
Skilled Modders
Big Donates
Nice Number Of Supporting People
More Positive comments ;D

Special Thanks To:
Kurohige for inspiring me to even start this mod,
JuggernautSC2 for inspiring me to even start this mod,
TychusFindlay for inspiring me to even start this mod.
Rest of them are hidden to public view...

Thanks To: (New people are in orange)
Semetery for supporting

Raygoza for ideas and support,
Nuketf for testing,
BloodZealot for finished working campaign maps,
Guest for trying to test but he has no account (this is not meant to be offensive),
elmerpogs for pending test, <-- Not Privileged Any More
GNARWHALE for trying to help,
Supporters to this mod,
No one else so far...

Need Help! (New Section):
Ai Script
Hero unit replacement info
Thanks to who donate to this mod!

New Updates:
You spawn with 6 workers no matter what race.
Mineral patches are now 5 each instead of 8.
Yellow mineral fields included which gives 7 minerals each patch.
New zoom in tool. Now you can get closer into battle!
New feature when you're online:Achievements

ZERG: These are only minor stuff from the full changelog:
New unit: Baneling
Explode 5 times before the baneling sacrifices itself...
New explode damage to units:7 Massive units:10 Structures:15
New roll animation after Centrifugal Hooks upgrade.
New unit: Roach
Attack speed is the speed of a marauder shot which takes 3 seconds for every shot.

TERRAN: These are only minor stuff from the full changelog:
New unit:Mule
Dropped from orbital command which is created from command center.
Mine 30 minerals every mineral patch.
New unit: Thor
330 MM cannon ability is spread and is not only focused on one unit or structure.
New ability: 100 Radius Immortal Shield.
This ability makes the thor immortal for 1 minute. The thor's attack is temporarily slowed down as well as movement speed.

PROTOSS: These are only minor stuff from the full changelog:
New unit:Tempest
Built from starport and can attack both ground and air.
New ability:Overload
This ability makes every one shot of the tempest fire three blasts instead of one. After overload, the regular attack for both ground and air is temporarily decreased and will wear off slowly.
New unit:Scout
This unit is the same as sc1 scout except the attack for ground has splash damage and it does 4 MORE damage.

Weird Bugs:Once these bugs are deleted, that means that the bug is fixed!
Carrier Intercepter attack increased by 10 for random reason (maybe it was my typing mistake :D).
Mothership vortex can't suck in more than the supply of 50.
Mothership mass recall is small recall in game.
Dragoon attack crashes game.
Force fields cannot be more than 15 in numbers.
Psi Storm lags game.
Archon morph crashes game.

Fixed Features: Will be deleted when taking too much of the screen o.O
Thor 330 mm cannon does not crash.
New firebat die graphics does not crash the game.
Marine walk animation fixed and fits with game.
Medivac new unload graphics.
SiegeTank death animation from starcraft 2 included as well as attacking and exploding animations.
Zealot walk animation now fits and properly moves with the screen.
New follow unit buttons completed!
Immortal Attack does not crash the game anymore.
Zealot Charge Fixed.
Ultralisk death animation much more basic and does not lag no more.
You can now follow a unit:Keys are: Ctrl+Shift+F like starcraft 2.

This mod's purpose is to change the whole gameplay of starcraft 1. It involves around SCII:HOTS, but has many bonus features HOTS doesn't have, like banelings exploding 5 times before death... Anyway, there are many people that don't have the full version of SCII, and this is the right place to wait for it. I also am coming up with a supply so you guys can play online. Dawn Of Change already has this feature, but I want it to also be here for support in this mod. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed and I'll see you guys next time-By HuskyStarcraft. Thumbs up if you read this...

GL HF GG | 。◕‿◕。 P.S- Write In Comments Section If You Actually Read Everything and also Saw This Face

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As I am back I am looking foward to editing terran and zerg. All the protoss needs now is balance updates.

Here are the fixes required before release:

Terran Graphics
Terran Animations
Zerg Graphics
Zerg Balance
Terran Balance
Protoss Balance
New Neutral Units
More Critters
Terrain Switches
Unit Pathing Fix

Some stuff I have gotten half way through:

All Race's units
Unlimited selection
Mini Map Update
New Psionic Storm, Force Field, EMP, Mass Recall, And A few Attacks from Terran Mech.

Units And Abilities That Need To Be Included Before Release:

Pheonix <-- Gravity needs to work
Battle Cruiser <-- Attacks need to be faster
Void Ray <-- Charge Is Not Reducing After Attack Is Increased.
Immortal <-- Did not find a way to change the shield.



News 7 comments

Questions and Answers are here! Do not give up on me! This mod is NOT shut down. Any insulting or foolish comments will be deleted.

AI Difficulty Included

AI Difficulty Included


I know I haven't uploaded in a long time. To make up for it, I made ai difficulty and a new loading screen!

All New Game Play Changes To Mod

All New Game Play Changes To Mod


Here is all the new features in the game play of this mod.

All Races Updated #2

All Races Updated #2


Here is the changes to all races again! Keep in mind that this is still alpha.

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Map 1: Crash Landing (NOT CAMPAIGN OF MOD)

Map 1: Crash Landing (NOT CAMPAIGN OF MOD)

Singleplayer Map 1 comment

Made from Blood Zealot. I have uploaded it right now. Test it on any mod you like. READ DESCRIPTION.

StarCraft Kurohige Fenix Legacy V 1.2

StarCraft Kurohige Fenix Legacy V 1.2

Full Version 25 comments

Read Description to find official fenix legacy mod page.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 375)
CenzuraH - - 61 comments

Dead mod ?

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SagaMaster - - 4 comments

This mod looks greath.But no updates for a year?

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GNARWHAL - - 38 comments


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Bricker12 - - 8 comments

Did this mod get canceled? Or what happened? This mod looks amazing, and I'm hoping it wasn't canceled.

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RealWarrior - - 3 comments

Any new news about this mod?

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Immortality Creator
Immortality - - 330 comments

no, it's closed too much abuse

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Immortality Creator
Immortality - - 330 comments

What happened...

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el/scotch - - 43 comments

hey, to the mod creator(s), can you pass me the download link?

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TheBestTester - - 273 comments

oooooooooooooooo I will! I will!

Media Fire Link?
Moddb Download Link:

Reward for doing these: The Mod!

P.s anyone who clicks these links and can't find out the code then you don't get the reward LOL

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
TheBestTester - - 273 comments

I guess this mod is down D:. The news said THIS MOD WILL RELEASE WHEN SHADOW OF THE INFESTATION MOD RELEASES. I was hoping to steal some graphics D:

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