Brutal Half-Life is a modification that makes the game more violent and addictive. It is also a tribute to the classic FPS games.

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Aublak says

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This is what Half-Life needs. I can't wait to see this mod expanded on. What really makes me excited is the idea of this getting integrated into other mods.

Does exactly what you would expect it to do. Even the beta is gloriously gorey and entertaining. Even goes as far as to cut out the intro and just stick you straight into the action with your trusty crowbar and Duke Nukem style Mighty Boot!

I always wanted a Half-Life with all the bloody messes that Soldier Of Fortune has.
Waiting since 2003. Invasion had dismemberment but it didn't work properly with HL1 maps :P
You sir made my year better.
Thanks a lot for this man!!!
Hope you can update this with new feautures!
What i know , this is going to be a big mod.
And again
Thanks a lot for this!!!!

I can't help but notice I have a smile on my face every second I'm playing this mod. From all the added gore features, to even all those little added bits of detail like the smoking gun barrels and flares on the med-kits and trip mine beams. This should bring out the inner psychopath in everyone!


Res1 says

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Already in beta an exceptional mod that does what it promises.
It manages to make Half Life feel like Soldier of Fortune, which I absolutely adore. Can't wait to see what future updates can do for this!

Quite an improvement to the original Half-Life, I am impressed. The new effects and AI really improve the original Half-Life formula. I honestly cannot wait for the next version. The two new weapons is a fun little addition as well.


Drops you right into the action (everyone knows the intro anyway) and adds super gory gameplay.
Decapitations, dismemberment, holes in humans' torsos, or even bleeding out enemies, shaking in pain.
There are also better weapons models with new animations, a great new kick feature, among other novelties.

As if all these weren't enough, the mod is also compatible with pretty much any mappack, so go ahead and have lots of Brutal fun.

Can't wait for future updates. Marvelous work right here :)

This mod exceeds my expectations, and its only in beta 0.1!!, that means that there's more to come and more to enjoy, and I'm already enjoying this game so much, the details of the blood on the guns, the gore, the moaning npcs when you cripple them, the sounds and the particles are breathtaking, everytime you play this mod it'll leave a big grin on your face!. Have fun and RIP AND TEAR!


It's Brutal Half-Life, what's not to love? The dev here did a very good job. Its almost as the level of Brutal Doom. I look forward to future releases.

Even though it's an early release its ******* awesome so far! The gameplay and violence is very impressive! This is one of the best mods for HL1 I've ever played! :D

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This is what Half-Life needs. I can't wait to see this mod expanded on. What really makes me excited is the idea of this getting integrated into other mods.

Mar 19 2015 by Aublak