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In this part of my "research" I will not really add new info, but rather update the previous parts (mostly with new images rather than something else). The article is image-heavy.

Remember those guys from the first part?

I have found two similar images:

I've also managed to find the nice concept arts of mercenaries and other enemies I mentioned previously:

More level concepts:

Now let's see screenshots of different levels:

-Some unnamed levels

-The unnamed oldest level with a deleted evening skybox (appeared in the first part of the article)


Notice the bumps on scope texture:

Military base:

Some indoor areas:

More indoor areas shown in some german magazine

More pages from articles

Here is another unnamed evening level:

And here are screenshots from an unnamed swamp level

Notice the different water plants:

These are the screenshots of an unnamed river level:

The base image for the old menu's background was probably made on this level:

This level also appears on a picture from game magazines (PC Action, Gamestar)

-An unnamed level with clear sky

Notice the old patrol boat:

-The old Training

A screenshot that was probably being turned into a "concept-art"

I've also found the level's old loadscreen:

-The old Carrier. Notice the different placement of Machete:

An enemy holstered his pistol awkwardly:

-The old Fort

Buggy driver shoots with his own rifle:

Look at the old grenade explosion particles:

Trees had too high-quality (maybe real-time) shadow instead of a blurry pre-generated one:

-The old Pier

A strangely foggy area that seems to be place on Pier:

Humvees probably had no destroyed model early in the development:

-The old Research (or similar level)

-Some unnamed evening level (seen in a 2003 Gamestar video review):

-The old Treehouse (or a similar level)

-The old Steam

Merc Cover with an old Cover cap:

This level can be seen on a picture from a game magazine:

Video footage of this level (notice the different M4 sounds):

-The old Regulator

-Some unknown indoor area

-The old Catacombs:

-The old Factory

-Some unknown level

-Valerie with blonde hair

-A screenshot showing nightvision:

-A screenshot showing different "Press use" indicator:

-A different gunboat model:

The editor screenshots

The unnamed river level:

The unnamed level with clear sky:

Apart the different name the editor had different models for triggers and such

Those two pictures look like disc covers:

Some screenshots from a game magazine:

Binoculars are almost finalized, but the equalizer remains:

Buggy dashboard is finalized:

I took most pictures here:*/*

That is all for now, but I'm sure I'll find more new info and media, so be ready for new updates!

Exploring development of Far Cry 1: part 2

Exploring development of Far Cry 1: part 2

Feature 12 comments

This is the second part of my article dedicated to telling you about Far Cry's cut content.

Exploring development of Far Cry 1: part 1

Exploring development of Far Cry 1: part 1

Feature 20 comments

This is the first part of my article dedicated to telling you about Far Cry's cut content.

Beta Dam - what you don't know

Beta Dam - what you don't know

Feature 13 comments

Once I was looking at some concept arts for Far Cry, and I've found something interesting...

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Holy F*ck indeed.

This looks amazing.

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Development going strong in 2018? :)

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Holy. F@#k.
I mean. What.
You guys are insane. I never went half as deep into research as you. That is amazing, I'm pretty much out of words to say. And since I can't be a part of the team (for I'm not capable of doing any of that, honestly), I can only wish you all the best luck and motivation and hope that this project won't go dead at one point of time.
Try not to let us down, guys. You're the best.

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How's the development going? :)

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changeroftheways Creator

The new part of the article is being checked right now, it's 2:45 a.m. (02:45) in the place I live in. It has been 40 mins since I posted it.

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I found an interesting website where are some images from the early days of the Far Cry 1 and also images from the X-Isle demo. It's here: and also a link to the website which is mentioned in the comments: I add it here too because the link in the comments is not available.

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changeroftheways Creator

Thanks, but I've already seen it!

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Interesting project, i don't know if it's can help, maybe you don't know but Woulter, the one of the creators of Cube 2 Engine has worked on Farcry engine maybe he have some treasure to share or explain some things related to the Farcry engine i don't know, here his homepage,, good luck for your project.

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changeroftheways Creator

Wow, that may be helpful, thank you!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Make sure you look up the FC demo. There should be a lot of leftovers from the earlier dev stage.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
changeroftheways Creator

I've done it some weeks ago, and thank you for your advice as I've found some very interesting content!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
changeroftheways Creator

Yep, I thought about doing it before, but I still haven't done it.

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