My name is Matt Winston. I'm a 22 years old student, making a living with working in the shopping mall of Heaven's Gate. My family moved up north, I stayed because of my studies. I live in a room in a house owned by friends of my parents. In my spare time I used to go to the beach with my friend Shorty and enjoyed live at its best: sun, fun and nothing to do. Yes, life was good. Until today... 30th of January is a day to remember: the day of change. It was in the early morning when the chaos started: roaming hordes of bloodthirsty men ran through the city, killing everybody at sight. There were rumours about an army experiment and problems with the nuclear reactor. By 12 a.m., half of the city's population was part of the cannibal horde, about a thousand were killed in car accidents and by gunshots from personal firearms. U.S. Army forces moved into the city to rescue as many as possible. They soon had to realize that the only way to stop the cannibal hordes was to shoot them...

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Bj_Bob says

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This is my FAVORITE HL mod of all time. There isn't a zombie co-op game out there that has beaten BB. I just wish people still played it. Mod was awesome.

The mod are repetitive but is fun to play, good zombie mod.

i love killing zombies... And i love levelling up! This mod has BOTH! Hell yeah!

it glitches but i wish there were servers for this mod

easily one of my most favorited mods for Half-Life.

to begin, it isn't your usual take on Zombies, it actually takes a very funny spin on the ordeal, giving you an arsenal of weapons that will make you only wish for a chainsa- nevermind, there's an actual chainsaw.

the gunplay is almost on point, engine limitations are a boon, the point system is smart and creative, but hard to get points around if you're stuck to playing this game solo, which by the way is okay, but not recommended.

the models are super awesome, mods make this even better, and with it being a GoldSRC mod, easy to mod the models.

but perhaps the only thing that kinda made me go meh about it is it's rather boring Solo, you're not having the same fun you're getting when playing with few buddies on a server, just feels very stale and extra hard sometimes.

in short, you NEED to try this mod at least once to understand how well it's made, solo or co-op, it's a wonderful mod, tag team with your best pals a s#!t ton of zombies and watch as their brains go SPALT!


Zombies never get old!


5days says

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this mod is one of the best multiplayer zombie mods ever made to hl. This mod fast paced action and survival campaign style makes it hard to stop playing.


AkixD says

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Perfect Zombie Killing Mod,when i re play this makes me back in time in 2008


Very good mod! Somewhat realistic because when you shoot limbs they come off. And its bloody like hell! G00D M0D!!! Deserves a 10/10 rating. Needs an update, though.

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This is my FAVORITE HL mod of all time. There isn't a zombie co-op game out there that has beaten BB. I just wish people still played it. Mod was awesome.

May 28 2010 by Bj_Bob