My name is Matt Winston. I'm a 22 years old student, making a living with working in the shopping mall of Heaven's Gate. My family moved up north, I stayed because of my studies. I live in a room in a house owned by friends of my parents. In my spare time I used to go to the beach with my friend Shorty and enjoyed live at its best: sun, fun and nothing to do. Yes, life was good. Until today... 30th of January is a day to remember: the day of change. It was in the early morning when the chaos started: roaming hordes of bloodthirsty men ran through the city, killing everybody at sight. There were rumours about an army experiment and problems with the nuclear reactor. By 12 a.m., half of the city's population was part of the cannibal horde, about a thousand were killed in car accidents and by gunshots from personal firearms. U.S. Army forces moved into the city to rescue as many as possible. They soon had to realize that the only way to stop the cannibal hordes was to shoot them...

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Grupo CSOBR is publishing now BrainBread to another territories

Grupo CSOBR is publishing now BrainBread to another territories

News 3 comments

Grupo CSOBR is a Brazilian Team that want to highlight all old Mods from Half-Life. Now, we want BrainBread alive again. Check full text below.

Welcome Back... BrainBread Returns!

Welcome Back... BrainBread Returns!


BrainBread is back! Now with new updates that changes weapons, backgrounds, players, etc...

BrainBread is back?! I think yes!

BrainBread is back?! I think yes!

News 6 comments

Hi BrainBread Fans. I'd like to inform you that the BrainBread mod is 50% back!. We have a new team but we are making conversions and we are analyzing...

The end is Nigh.

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The end is nigh! The day of Judgement is at hand! They are coming for you. Brainbread. Coming soon. - Jakkar, moderator of the Brainbread forums.

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