Eighteen years have passed since FreeSpace 2 and the destruction of Capella, and the shattered colonies of man are finally ready to re-open the jump node to Earth. As the Alliance teeters on the verge of total social collapse, the Security Council deploys the elite 14th Battlegroup to re-establish contact with Earth, and young pilot Samuel Bei finds himself once more under his estranged father's command. Age of Aquarius describes the journey of the 14th Battlegroup as its mission to the Blue Planet goes shockingly wrong. War in Heaven takes place eighteen months after the events of Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius and details the final stages of the civil war between Sol and the rest of her colonies: a war without good or evil, only shades of gray. Built at the cutting edge of the FreeSpace Open engine, Blue Planet is a fan-made conclusion to the FreeSpace saga, a story of sacrifice, triumph, and destiny, and one of the most beloved FreeSpace mods of all time.

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In which many things have changed for the better, and other things have been made faster.

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Greetings, moddb. After a fair amount of silence, here's a few news from War In Heaven.

First up, we are making good progress on WiH R2. Close to a third of the planned missions are done and ready, with another few in the later stages of polishing and finalizing. While I won't give out any release dates, rest assured that there will be one.

Second, an update for WiH has been finalized and will be released on moddb shortly. Yes, I do realize that the people on Hard-Light have had this update already, but unfortunately there were a few issues that only playtesting via a big crowd of people helped uncover. These will be corrected, and then there's going to be a final release of this update.

So, you may ask, what's so new here that I should get excited about it?
Well, as you may know, WiH as initially released had a few issues with its models. Namely that most of the UEF fleet models were horrifyingly unoptimized, enough so to even bring moderately powerful computers to their knees. Most of those issues have been corrected through the tireless efforts of model maestro Esarai, who in months of work managed to clean up and retexture the Karuna and Narayana models. Other people have done the same thing for the various fightercraft used by the UEF, and so we present to you a new fleet that should make the game experience much more enjoyable.
Other changes made include a few bugfixes for some missions, new shaders for higher-precision lighting and post-processing, and a few new tracks by our music magician Belisarius.

The bad news (if it can be called bad) is that these changes require the use of the recently released 3.6.14 RC builds, which the Source Code Project is testing at the moment in preparation of the proper 3.6.14 release.


"First up, we are making good progress on WiH R2" Yay!

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Awesome! Im happy to see that this mod is still alive and im eagerly awaiting R2, it looks incredible! Thanks for keeping Freespace alive guys!

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Hey folks,
Thanks for all the hard work you're doing, in making such an awesome evolution of the game. FS2 was the only real game that truly got into, and I'm glad that there are boffins such as yourselves that are keeping it alive!

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