The most anticipated expansion and modification of the cult classic "Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines". Adding 7 new clans with over 10 new Disciplines that use completely new mechanics previously deemed impossible, such as shapeshifting into monstrous forms, summoning deadly creatures to aid you and manipulate your surrounding in ways that change the very dynamic of the game. Antitribu also offers new main quests, maps, and over 100 new characters which vary from humans, vampires, zombies, to more uniquely formed monster bosses with new abilities and mechanics that change the way combat is experienced.

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First and foremost, Team Antitribu would like to thank all fans for sticking around with us while we continue to develop Antitribu...

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Hello and greetings, First and foremost, Team Antitribu as a whole would like to issue a joint statement and thank all of you faithful fans for sticking around with us while we continue to develop Bloodlines: Antitribu.

This is DarknessImmortal669 the recently appointed, main developer behind Bloodlines Antitribu (aka FleshArtist) and the renown Marvin (Mv/Antitribu Guy) who is the original mastermind behind this mod. Here, we will address what is happening and what is going to happen in the future. I tried to list them down into question and answers to be easier to follow up. If you have any new questions, ask them in the comments and we will add them to the page.

Q1: What Happened to the Forum?

A: Initially the forum was on a dedicated site on, but later on, as we became busier, we couldn't constantly check several forums so we brought it to our private developer forums, we had to hide our main developer boards and open a portion of the forum to the public for open discussion, however this was not working as intended since the forum was slowly becoming an "Antitribu Forum" while in reality it was a forum for developers (most of which did not work on Bloodlines) and they felt a little invaded as Bloodlines community can get a little freaky at times - after all we are all children of the night not everyone has what it takes to handle us. That is why I decided to move the forum to a place it truly belonged, PlanetVampire.

PlanetVampire was home to Marvin and Lenuska ever since they conceived Antitribu back in 2009 - that is where the idea slowly was developed and turned into what you see today. Back in the day it was nothing but a simple Lasombra mod, but it turned out to be something much more valuable. Having the mod back at PlanetVampire ensures that people don't have to sign up to any more forums and be in places they don't want to be, this way they can all be in one place - and checking not only the mod but also everything else vampire related.

Another thing issue what the mod had nothing to do with the studio. it was mostly my personal passion project. and not something many of the developers wanted to be a part of. Too dark for them as those that played the mod can verify. Its ahead of its time - a lot of gore, rape and discrimination which is only to reflect on how the real world is. Not any can cope with that - needs a lot of . . . will power and blood points. hehe.

Q2: Is the mod dead? Where are the updates?

As you very well know, we are the slow and steady kind, so after we released Antitribu we worked out all the bugs that could be fixed soon, the rest of the bugs need the overhaul of a system. Such as simplifying the some puzzles, rebuilding the lasombra weakness, upgrading Tzimisce weakness and making new models. Improved dialogues are expected, but may not all be finished by the newest patch (1.1)

But the good news is that new developers have decided to join the team so the mod will be done much faster. Just it takes time, and this game is not as easy as some other games like Skyrim that have official tools. Its all manual and greasy!

Q3: What happen to the "other" project you were working on?

One other reason the updates have been slow is because of the other project. Game Development is very time consuming and it needs our full attention. and as we've said, bloodlines is too greasy to work with, its better to create a game that you can make everything you want to make on it and what we are making is certainly in development. It took a while to gather funding for it without any sponsors but its finally done and officially in development. Its fully self funded and has no strings attached - I did not want us to make the same mistake Torika did which is being funded by a corporation that forces you to a direction you may not like, and lets be honest, its their money, very few would allow you to make the game you want with their money, hence why we had to self fund this if we wanted to make what we want, what is good for us. Original IP and all . . . no more cease and desists. Thank GOD for that. lol.

Q4: Will you still be developing the mod?

Yes of course, there is no reason abandon this project - but I will be more behind the scenes, and our friend and developer Darknessimmortal669 will take over the front of the house and also some development aspects. But since I am needed a lot back in the studio I will be less active on the front, but I will always be present. Like an Antediluvian - I was gonna say the Lasombra Ante, but some believe he is dead so might not be a good comparison, Tzimisce one perhaps? Cain? bah . . . you get the message. lol.

Q5: Why is there a new man in the team? Who is FleshArtist (DarknessImmortal669)? What is his role?

In January 2013, I began as a simple mod watcher, the idea behind the mod was very intriguing to me. Yet for a while, I assumed it was dead. Only when the mod was released in February of 2015 did I begin to get to know Marvin, and Lenuska through the old FX forums. I was on there for a fair amount of time, and I developed a great relationship with Marvin. However, the time came when he considered passing the mod on, the stress put on him by other projects was enough, he weighed his options of who he was to pass the role of lead developer to. I had some experience in modding, although at that time, I had only seldom modded Bloodlines mostly making small improvements to dialogues, skins, maps, and python files, I still offered my help. As a good friend of Marvin, he made the decision to pass the task of main developer onto myself. We brainstormed the future of Antitribu together, and ensured that the mod would continue on the road to fulfilling it's maximal purpose. Admittedly, it was a tough time for Antitribu, and the Bloodlines community. RavaFX forums had become a rather unstable place, and much pressure was placed on Marvin, who was doing his best to maintain order.

Now the summer has passed, and Marvin has decided to stay with us until after 1.1 and a few patches are released. At current, my main role is to lead the Antitribu project into it's future. And ensure that Antitribu becomes a mod enjoyable for any fan of the Classic World of Darkness or Bloodlines player. I do have other projects which I am working on for other games, and a rather busy life outside of the internet, so if anyone has an important question for myself, or the team, please feel free to inbox me or Lenuska.

Unofficial 1.1 Changelog:

- Almost all bugs discovered are fixed.
- Necromancy, Animalism, and other disciplines are remade.
- Changed walkthrough ocean house, Dane, Malkavian Mansion (including new map Malkavian Maze).
- improved jumping puzzle at Malkavian mansion
- Added alternative ways to walkthrough without jumping puzzles at malkavian mansion and LA library.
- Improved and fixed gargoyle quest.
- Added male pc models for old clan tzimisce and nagaraja.
- Re-done models and textures.
- New models, textures, sounds have been added.
- Significantly less graphical glitches
- Improved gameplay balance.
- New music.
- New items, fixes of previously bugged items.
-New and improved dialogues
-Auto installer


-Team Antitribu


Forums new home is PlanetVampire and wont change until that domain is alive. Mod is being worked on slowly but steadily. and the other project is also on the way.

Thanks for all the support. Will see you soon,

Have a wonderful year.


Thanks for the update, I hadn't been to the Rava forums for a while :)

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Thank you. A well written update, now we have a clear view about the mod. But what about the other two guys on the planet vampire forums? Psycho-A and No Man. Are they "full-time" members of the team also or just helping out when they have the time?

Also, is the date mentioned in October for the coming of version 1.1 (November 19th) is still actual?

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AugustusNocturnis Author

Neither of those guys are part of the team, they're moderators on the PlanetVampire boards so they can help out when I am not available and to be an extra hand or two in monitoring what goes on there.

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the mod isn't working it won't let steam connect to the mod at all

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The Lasombra wont let me equip the shoulder pads, they did not appear until I reloaded an earlier session and then vanished when going through a zone. This is the primary reason for playing antitribu for me. The new armour items. How can I fix this?

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Awesome, thank you to you and the entire time!! Love this mod overhaul!!

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I remember to have criticized a lot in the past the mantainer of this mod, but I would like to tell you that there are dire news. Lenuska doesn't want the mod to be completed\refined by the current team that had so much job done you can't even start to imagine and bansihed everyone from working on it but herself.

In fact I was waiting for 1.2, even if I always said that mod is pretty bad and full of bugs. Nothing is going to come out of this, and we are left with this bugged mess.

oh well

Even forum is dead. RIP

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I don't know if there is a forum for this, but I have a bug to report so i'm doing it here. In the sewers (Warren 3) in the door that leads to the miniboss that have 3 bodies attached to each other, there is a lever to open the door, if you switch it more than 3 times the lever locks and you can never open again, I tried everything and had to load a save before I reached it. I just thought that i needed to say something. Keep up the good work.

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I didn't know where else to come for help, but i have a problem with a bug, I don't know if i did something wrong, but anyway, after I installed the mod, I start playing with the LaSombra, but the LaSombra was not the problem, 'cause I tried with all the clans, anyway, everything was normal until when you have to go talk to Mercurio after the first cut scene, when I try to talk with him, there is no option for dialogue, then I'm not able to do the main quests of the game. Can anyone help me with that issue?

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why the hell would u put a password to view the things on the "extra" folder??? does anyone know the password?

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the mod isn't won't let steam connect to the mod at all, I have a Windows 10 Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop & I have NOT been able to run the mod with sucks because I really wanna play the Antitribu mod..

Why is this? I'm hoping you can get it fixed soon..

the only mod I can seem to run is the Final Nights mod..but thats it..I haven't been able to play the Camerilla version either sadly..

but I'm playing the Final Nights version untill the Antitribu version will run with steam and connect with steam..

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