The most anticipated expansion and modification of the cult classic "Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines". Adding 7 new clans with over 10 new Disciplines that use completely new mechanics previously deemed impossible, such as shapeshifting into monstrous forms, summoning deadly creatures to aid you and manipulate your surrounding in ways that change the very dynamic of the game. Antitribu also offers new main quests, maps, and over 100 new characters which vary from humans, vampires, zombies, to more uniquely formed monster bosses with new abilities and mechanics that change the way combat is experienced.

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All of you whose are giving bad ratings maybe should look a single video first.

This is a many years expected work. A mod from a 2004 game.
If you played this game before, i suggest you to play this mod, because it´s a entirely new experience, very replayable, and will grant you many, many hours of fun. I´ll do it as well.

If not, maybe it´s time to play the game and the mods. Will run very smooth in actual computers.


It looks good. It is probably better than it looks. And it's not even the final version yet. The creators have so much potential. We rate based on the result as well as the effort.

I've been following this mod a few years back and I know is totally worth the wait. I'm downloading it right now and can't wait to play it!!

Excellent job, guys!

PS: Don't mind the trolls, we all know how awesome this mod is.


IceCubeClown says

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Before any butthurt sycophants lynch me I should give some personal context. For anyone who followed the mod early on, my name should be familiar. I was a conceptualist for the mod, way back from '09-'12. I was intimately familiar with the development during this time and kept tabs after I left the team. I wrote a lot for the mod that was just flat out ignored, kept interest alive by moderating and being active in two forums for the mod (gmc and antitribu) and even re-translated the Arsenal mod into English (but Mv.c9/antitribuguy lost it somehow). See the old antitribu mod forum for stuff I wrote that was never implemented, particularly pertaining to the Harbinger to understand how disappointing the mod is.

My disappointment is due to knowing what could have been, and could be in the future since a new team is handling the mod now.

Aside from the new disciplines, this mod is a train wreck in its current form. It adds too much new combat and increases the difficulty as well. The emphasis on combat only exacerbates the problem most people have with the vanilla game becoming combat centric as you reach the end.

There are unnecessary changes and additions to npcs and objects. Pop culture references and sound rips from films and other games that have no business being there at all. Xenomorphs have no business being in here, nor do Mortal Kombat characters. Years of development went into such frivolous, unnecessary additions.

The most glaring problems are incomplete quest ideas, like the Harbinger one (No Rest for the Wicked) and the Nephandi Lich (which was originally to be in the museum instead of replacing the Lasombra from the restored Library level to cut corners). See here for the sort of ideas you could have gotten but did not: The lack of context for the Harbinger makes it the whole affair pointless.

The mod needs to either strip out all of the chafe or at least be decent enough to have a modular installer so you can avoid it. As it currently is, it vastly inferior to both the Camarilla Edition and The Final Nights (which did what this mod promised to do in a fraction of the time). However these problems can be fixed and the new team making the mod could turn things around.

I cannot in good conscience recommend the mod as it currently is though.

See also:


i've got to say that aside from the model work, which was very good, the experience has been very lack luster compared to the other major mods.

the primary issue is that some of the clans not playing very well with very short counter times that left even advanced stage abilities feeling a bit gimmicky.

this compounded the problem of the enemies having much higher hp than in base game and made no clipping threw fights more preferable than direct encounters.

this also compounds with the increase in fights one has to go through making the whole experience a exercise in tedium.

all in all the game has the same issue that the vanilla encountered in the end of its campaign, exchanging atmosphere for combat, but unlike the vanilla this appears to go through the whole game.


Welp bugs been patched so I fu**ing loooovvvvvee it! It's a great mod that adds clans that were unavailable to you from the original game along with so many other things, yet I only give it a 9 cause I miss the malkavians...though due to a engine limitation you can only have seven clans to choose from...that sucks, but oh well.. XD still a great mod...okay screw it this mod needs a 10


I am in awe with how much time and effort that this team has put into this new mod. It changes the game play significantly in terms of the new clans & disciplines along with the new quests. I can't wait to play when they release it with the new npcs. There have been bugs but the team is quick to correct them and is very responsive to constructive criticism. It's made me excited to play this game again;even as a hardcore lover of this game, I wanted a new experience and they have definitely given me that. Thank you for that. <3


Very unique disciplines and clans. The added bosses, opponents, revamped combat and other content really add a lot of replayability to the game.
I am eagerly awaiting the next version, which will include further unique dialogs and npc reactions.
Keep up the good work! I thas been worth waiting for this mod.


I'm having tons of fun with the mod,the new skins and effects are really well done.

The two complains i have are:

1st: The mod is a buggy mess,hoping that it gets more polished with future patches/releases.

2nd: The difficulty,somtimes its unbalanced,and enemies kill you in a blink,they should really have to try to balance the diffculty.

I had to add a 10 in here to offset the obvious trolls. Plus, everything I have seen for the mod thus far has me pretty psyched. New clans, new disciplines, solid animation. It's pretty much a whole new game.