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In the past months there were very few updates for the mod. Work has been done for the Realm of Eregion, Nurn and Easterlings of Rhun but very sporadic and inconsistent.

While I cannot say that I am fully back on the track, i can at least revert back to dedicating 1 - 2 days per week on working on the mod. Hence you can expect major updates in the following period.

Please find below external links for the mod:



In the past i was very reluctant in welcoming new members into the team mainly because it is very common in the modding community for team members to drop off in the middle of the project or simply disappear for good - things i would rather avoid.

But to speed up the development time and secure the future of the mod, i decided to accept members in the BON team. However i have to point out that only skilled, dedicated and passionate people will be accepted as i would rather have the mod dying than release it with subpar content.

Therefore the BON team welcomes new members in the following categories, the first 2 role being the most desirable ones:

  • 3D modellers: modelling and texturing units and strat map objects (buildings, cities etc)
  • Concept artists: creative people that can design and sketch units from scratch
  • 2D artists: for menus, logos, banners, UI etc.
  • Sound artists: for music, sound effects and unit speeches
  • Text writers: for writing units and factions descriptions, welcome messages etc. they should have a great knowledge about Tolkien's lore as they will be responsible for unit names (i.e. elvish or dwarven units), regions and cities names etc.
  • M2TW modders: knowledgeable about the Med 2 engine, how and where to modify data, with previous modding experience etc.

If you have any of the skills above and want to join the BON team, feel free to send me a message here on moddb or on Discord.

All the best,


Lords of Andunie short preview

Lords of Andunie short preview

News 1 comment

Lords of Andunie - short preview of the units. The roster is still a opened for additions and removals.

The Kingdom of Belegaer (Southern Colonies)

The Kingdom of Belegaer (Southern Colonies)

Feature 10 comments

The Kingdom of Belegaer base roster. The units may suffer changes or new items may be added to the roster as development progresses.

The Kingdom of Numenor

The Kingdom of Numenor

Feature 5 comments

The Kingdom of Numenor base roster. The units may suffer changes or new items may be added to the roster as development progresses.

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Marchello28 - - 1 comments

Very beautiful models. It's a pity the author abandoned it. Is it freely available, or is there no way to transfer it to another team? Let's say the same to the DaC team. Moreover, with the release of the new EOP, some limitations of the Med2 engine have already been circumvented. For example, a larger number of anches, culture and, most importantly, a limitation on the number of Units. Now you can add as much as you like

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Guest - - 692,953 comments

Why doesn't anyone want to finish this masterpiece? :'/

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Master_Bilbo - - 26 comments

It is unfortunately dead. Some mods (such as Wars of Arda) are trying to get ahold of the assets used in this mod but the old team has been impossible to reach

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Durins_Folk - - 7 comments

is it dead?

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Guest - - 692,953 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

FeaRSTRR - - 36 comments

this mod is dead, the creator of the mod transferred the mod to someone else, and that person didn't deal with it, it's really bad that such a beautiful project ended like this.

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HazelnutCrawler - - 2 comments

Theodron had financial and personal problems and decided to stop modding. But he said he might return if Med 2 gets a remaster, though i don't know if he was serious about it. I do have most of the files he worked on but I don't have his dedication or time to do this. If someone wants to take over, drop me a message. Though it's a huge mess and you need to know how to mod med 2 if you want to get it working.

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ReyTurgon - - 156 comments

Hello, I'm sorry to read this bad news, I hope you can solve your situation soon, and well, if you have abandoned it, it would be an honor to finish your masterpiece, even though I don't know how advanced it is and if I have enough knowledge of medieval 2 or we could join more members and end it much sooner

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HazelnutCrawler - - 2 comments

Theodron did abandoned the project and seems to have disappeared. As I knew 3d modelling and some med 2 modding, he sent me most of the files he worked on. But when I applied for his team, I was expecting to be just a contributor, maybe create a unit every once in a while - NOT to be handed over the entire project. I cannot waste dozens of hours for this. I don't have the time nor the desire to do it ...

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Dezmaz - - 1 comments

I wouldn't mind having a crack at completing the mod. It is a crying shame that those units models are not being used.

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Hatalatar - - 4 comments

I too would like to have a go at the mod, as it seems a wonderful opportunity to start a campaign based in the second age. Not to mention all the extraordinary models made by Theodron.

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Helafiñwë - - 187 comments

Is there anyway I can contact you? I might be interested in helping restore this project

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