Blood Extra Crispy is another mod created by me that will try and change things up once again for another classic game of my childhood. Expect more weapons, more fire modes, more gore, gameplay enhancements, and pretty much what's expected from yours truly. If you're looking for a fresh new experience with Blood then look no further. Thanks to Nightdive Studio's latest KEX engine release, Blood Fresh Supply has opened up a whole new world for Blood modding. Blood Extra Crispy is my attempt at kicking things off with a bang.

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Ok guys finally got the latest version of BEC out for your enjoyment. The fifth release of this beta testing period. Lots of new gameplay enhancements, lots of polish on existing features, lots of bugs squashed. Feel free to leave comments. All feedback is wanted. Good or bad. Be sure to read the Readme before playing. Download and enjoy.

Blood Extra Crispy Open Beta v0.6

Thanks for the update, buddy.

I got a question. Is there any way to change the weapons' order in your inventory? I'd like the dual wield versions of all of my weapons to come after the single handed ones.

Alternatively, is there any chance you could add a button to toggle between single handed and dual wield versions of weapons? I feel like having both as separate items in your inventory really clutters up how many guns you have to cycle through to get what you want.

Other than that, I really enjoy the mod and all the cool little touches it adds. Like being able to see Caleb's hat and the blood dripping effect whenever an enemy explodes nearby. That stuff is cool as hell.

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VGames Author

Thanks my good man. Glad you're enjoying the mod.

The weapon wheel is set up the way it is because the mod was designed with the individual weapon select keys to be used. It's much easier getting to the weapon you want that way rather than cycling through the weapon wheel. So use the 0-9 weapon select keys instead.

No way to add buttons to the game. What I'm using was already in place. Sorry.

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Thanks for the reply.

I am using the weapon keys. Problem is, when I hit 3 to cycle through all the weapons in the shotgun category, the dual sawed offs come first, then the trench gun then the single sawed off.
I meant that I wanted the trench gun to come first, then the single sawed off and finally the dual sawed offs.

Same for the Tommy guns. Dual guns come first, then the single one second.

I prefer having the single guns first because it allows me to conserve ammo without having to waste time equipping the dual guns and putting them away again in between.

So yeah, is there any way for me to change that? Would I have to modify some game files?

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VGames Author

Look in the KPF file and look in the defs folder. There you will find weaponInfo.txt.

Open that up and search for variables similar to sharedWpnSlot. Fiddle around with those until you get what you want.

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Awesome, I'll check it out. Thank you.

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MILFHunter667 Online

Hey! Can you please consider adding hands to the reloading animation for the Sawed Off Shotgun, like in the original blood? and also consider adding a little zoom in for the alternate aim sight animation for the normal shotgun? Those were my only suggestions so far. I have had a great time with this mod, you guys rock

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