Arsenal is an "Unofficial Expansion" for Battlefield Vietnam and adds improved realism, historical accuracy and expanded gameplay to the Battlefield Vietnam.

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I can't use the expanded radio for some reason. I also can not change the resolution so it always has borders for some reason. If anybody has a fix for that, then that would be great. Otherwise this is a fantastic mod and I play it all the time now.


Night-at-Charlies says

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This has to be the best mod available for Battlefield Vietnam! The amount of weapons available is astonishing; and the purple outfit for the NVA Soldiers looks splendid. Some weapons have sound issues; but I don't worry about them, as I hardly use those weapons. The Type 63 assault rifle issued to the NVA/PLA Sapper class is quite an awful weapon to use; but this adds realism, since the weapon in real life was quite awful. Everything from the increase ammunition capacities (Especially for the RPG's and the SA-7), the weapons scattered across some maps; and the AI being capable of using the artillery guns makes for an entertaining experience!


Polishboss99 says

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It is a great mod. It improves BFV really much. It ad's French paratroopers (Indochina Wars), ANZAC (Vietnam), Vietminh (Indochina), and more. I won't tell here about lots of new weapons, 'cause there is too many of them, but I can tell about new classes - Grenadier (1st Marine Divison) is guy with M79 (Blooper), with HE and buckshots, knife and 1911. Rifleman (In the same div) have M14 (yea, it have full auto too), 4 grenades, knife and Colt. And this is only 2 classes from 8. Just in one unit. But the thing that really ****** me off is... bots. Goddamit... there is so lots of places when your computer comrades are just... stoping. Like on LZ Natasha. I couldn't capture last point, 'cause most of French troops just blocked on some outpost. Really annoying, and I hope that developers will fix that ASAP.


WoooooooooooW good mod
follow whit this

Fantastic Mod!!


my first battlefield realism mod and it is still awesome, but is it dead or finished?

A must-have for anyone who has BFV

Perfect !




gandi23 says

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