The prerequisites to run the installer are that you have the game installed up to patch 1.06 or 1.09. Simply run the installer and select your game directory.

The launcher will keep you up to date, and whenever a new update is released you will be notified the next time you open the software.

Switching between patch 1.06 and 1.09 has never been easier!

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New Features

• HD Basefloors.
• HD unit/hero pictures and buttons.
• Improved a lot of fx effects, such as building/hero level ups, some powers and spells etc.
• Land radiation fx is now even more obvious. (so you can easily see who's land it is)
• Palantir Effect now visible on units.
• New texture on many units.
• New colors.
• Added several previously unused leadership icons to a select few heroes.
• Gondor summoned elves now have Last Alliance skin, and different powerpoint image in the spellbook.
• Many new maps for all formats,
• Extended music.

General Changes

• Heal power now heals 100% of the units max health (from 80%)
• Elven wood & Tainted Land defence bonus increased 45% (from 40%)
• Outpost cost increased to 800 for forces of light (from 600)
• Outpost citadel armor against crush reduced significantly, 75% taken (from 20%)
• Postern gate cost reduced 100 (from 300)
• Heroes no longer cost command points.
• Cloudbreak powerpoint cost reduced to 6 (from 7)
• Neutral trolls now has a smaller guard max range 500 (from 600)
• Legolas hitbox improved, he is now much easier to target.
• Removed all infantry+Cavalry combos (Soldiers+Knights, Towerguards+Knights, Peasants+Rohirrims)
• Soldiers of Rhun now correctly display damage FX (when they are being hit).
• Outer slaughterhouse now cost 250 (from 300) now starts at lvl 2 with 2000 health, production similar to that of a lumber mill with few extra workers.
• Bounty values of certain units increased.
• Summoned elves deal more pike damage now 30 ( from 25)
• You can now put all infantry inside the slaughterhouse.
• Improved most QM maps with more trees and better balance.

Bug Fixes

• Mumakils no longer become uncontrollably afraid when exposed to catapult skull ammo
(the famous speed cheat).
• Soldiers of Rhun now correctly display damage FX (when they are being hit).
• Ranger + Soldier combos can now receive banner carrier uppgrade.
• Wallbanner tooltip now show the correct stats + 50% armor + 25% attack.
• Gimli automatic Axe (right click) now works.
• Removed "minimum attack range" on the axe throw which caused gimli not to throw axe.

• Gandalf Experience leadership reduced 100% given (from 200%)
• Gandalf the grey no longer requires Gandalf the white to mount.
• Gandalf LightningSword can now be cancelled like his other spells.
• Gandalf Shield bubble armor bonus increased now 150% (from 99%)
• Gandalf leadership moved to his portrait, leadership icon replaced with shield bubble icon, to show when the shield is available or on cooldown.
• Gandalf the white powerpoint now gives 500 extra hp (from 300)
• Faramir now spawns at lvl 1.
• Faramir bow damage increased 50 (from 30)
• Faramir max reload time decreased 1500ms (from 1600ms)
• Faramir captain of gondor now at lvl 6 (from 7)
• Boromir cost reduced 1500 (from 1600) now spawns at lvl 1.
• Boromir Pre attack delay increased to 350 (from 60)
• Boromir delay between shots reduced to 766 (from 800)
• Boromir firing duration reduced to 600 (from 730)
• Hero resistance to Boromir knockdowns increased to 85% (from 80%)
• Boromir movement speed increased to same as Legolas/lurtz, now deals splash damage with his regular attack. Base damage increased 45 (from 35)
• Boromir horn of Gondor now available at lvl 3 (from 5), Recharge time shorter 1 min 30 (from 2 minutes) fear time reduced slightly 10s (from 15s), now works on fol cavalry.
• Boromir now grants 75% attack leadership (from 60%).
• Captain of Gondor now available at lvl 5 (from 6)
• Brothers now need less experience to lvl up between lvl's 1-6.
• Barrack and Archery range now only require 3 soldier/archer units for lvl 2.
• Gondor well now heals monsters (trolls, nazgul, mumakil).
• Stoneworker Arrow uppgrade damage reduced to 70 (from 90)
• Towerguard cost reduced 400 (from 500)
• Towerguard shield formation defence bonus increased to50% (from 40%) now only lose 40% speed (from 50%)
• Ranger cost reduced 500 (from 600)
• Ranger buildtime reduced 30s (from 40)
• Gondor shield upgrade cost reduced 1000 from 1300)
• Gondor shield equip cost reduced 200 (from 400)
• Gondor upgrade cost (fire, blade, heavy armor) increased to 700 (from 600), Banner 500 (from 300)
• Gondor soldier cost reduced to 100 (from 120)
• Trebuchets fire upgraded damage decreased 320 siege/200 fire) (from 350 siege/300 fire) range with fire stones reduced 420 (from 450)
• Trebuchet cp increased 8 (from 5)
• Now more vulnerable to flame 85% damage taken (from 50%)
• Splash damage (with fire) reduced 25 (from 40)
• Bounty value increased 50 (from 20)
• Siege work fire stone research cost increased to 1000 (from 800)
• Siegwork production bonus reduced to 10% faster per level (from 25%) production bonus is now 20% faster at level 3 (from 50%).
• Gondor blacksmith now ranks up faster between lvl 2 and 3.
• Marketplace bonus now stays even after being deleted.
• Flaming rock upgrade cost increased 1000 (from 800).
• Gondor camp now has 6 towers instead 4.
• Gondor camp keep money increased to 10 (from 5).
• Gondor Knights deal 10% more damage to Isengard Pikemen.

• Wallbanner cost reduced 400 (from 800)
• Hawkstrike now has increased damage vs siege.
• Legolas KnifeFighter now grants 20% armor and 35% speed, duration reduced to 10s (from 30s)
• Legolas now has leadership available at lvl 3, grants fear resistance to all infantry archers.
• Legolas can now train Faramir with train archer ability.
• Gimli Axe throw is now available when slayer is active.
• Gimli Axe throw damage increased to 300 (from 200) range increased to 220 (from 200) does extra damage to cavalry.
• Leap moved to lvl 2 (from 3) damage increased to 150 (from 120)) radius increased to 50 (from 35)
• Slayer moved to lvl 5 (from 7) cooldown reduced to 1min20 (from 1min 30)
• Gimli now does splash damage with his regular attack and with axe throw.
• Gimli self heal doubled.
• Gimli armor reduced. Damage taken from pierce now 50% ( from 40%) Damage taken from crush now 50% (from 35%) Damage taken from slash now 60% (from 40%) Damage taken from uruk 40% (from 30%) Damage taken from Flame 40% (from 20%)
• Eomer Leadership now available at lvl 1, no longer grants experience leadership.
• Eomer spear moved to lvl 3 (from lvl 1) damage increased to 400 (from 280 ), added splash damage, and now does critical damage to monsters (trolls, mumakils) and cavalry. Cooldown increased 60s (from 25s)
• Treebeard now spawns from Rohan Citadel, cost increased 3000 (from 2000).
• Treebeard speed increased to 35 (from 16)
• Treebeard now has a 1min cooldown after becomming enraged.
• Treebeard now has enraged ability
• Treebeard buildtime reduced to 40s (from 60s)
• Treebeard bounty value increased to 50 (from 30)
• Yeoman Cp reduced 10 (from 15)
• Rohan stable now requires less experience to reach level 2 (4 horses instead of 5, or 2 horses and 1 horse archer)
• Upgrades research faster 30s (from 45s)
• Rohan upgrades equip cost slightly increased: forged blades 350 (from 300), Heavy Armor 300 (from 250) shields cost 400 (from 350)
• Elven warriors vision increased 420 (from 270)
• Elven warriors porcupine damage 30 (from 25)
• Elven warriors with blades now deal more damage 60 (from 45)
• Eowyn Smite damage boost against Witchking decreased 400% (from 500%)
• Theoden health increased 1000 (from 900)
• Eomer, Eowyn and Theoden are now mounted coming out from the citadel.
• Removed the Elven combo option.
• Eowyn speed increased to match that of Eomer.
• Eowyn disguise now available at lvl 2 (from 4).
• Eowyn Shield maiden now available at lvl 3 (from 5).
• Rohirrim and Rohirrim archer cp increased 20 (from 15)
• Rohan camp keep money reduced to 5 (from 10)
• Gimli now requires more xp between levels 5-10.
• Rohan citadel now fires arrows like Gondor citadel, armor changed to the same as gondor (structure armor).
• Rohirrim crush damage increased to 60 (from 40) now oneshots harads while trampling to trigger the revenge splash damage like they do with gondor knights.

• Warchant now recharges faster 120 seconds (from 135s)
• Saruman Base Health increased by 100
• Saruman Leadership changed, now grants now has 30% Attack damage and fear resistance. No longer grants 100% experience leadership.
• Saruman can now climb ladders.
• Wormtongue radius slightly increased to 80 (from 60 to avoid hordes bugging.)
• Saruman now has a level 10 ability Lightingbolt, powerful aoe attack.
• Added Lurtz bounty value.
• Pillage moved to lvl 2 (from 6) Fixed pillage to correctly provide resources from creeps and all enemy units.
• Lurtz now more vulnerable to crush (horse damage) 60% damage taken (from 40%) and uruk damage to 60% taken (from 50%) .
• Uruk crossbow preattackdelay now shorter 500 (from 730)
• Wargpit cost reduced 750 (from 800)
• Warg rider cost reduced 700 (from 760)
• Wargs with blades now deal more damage 90 (from 80)
• Wargs health reduced to 260 (from 300)
• Warg howl now grants 50% attack for 25s (from 60% attack for 29s)
• Berserker cost reduced 180 (from 200)
• Berserker buildtime increased 15s (from 13)
• Berserkers can now heal when out of combat.
• Rain duration decreased to 2min (from 3min)
• Siegeworks cost reduced 1000 (from 1500)
• Pike-Crossbow Combo speed increased to 42 (from 33) to match speed of Uruk-Crossbow Combo.
• Uruk Crossbows now require less experience to level up, they now require same experience as pikes/warriors.
• Keep cost reduced to 600 (from 700)
• Palantir now works on all infantry and monsters.

• Orc warrior now has a faster attack reload time 1.70s (from 1.83s)
• Orcs damage to Rohan outer farms increased, now do 70% damage ( from 36%)
• Orcs damage to Gondor outside farms, Lumber mills, Outer Slaughter house increased to 60% damage ( from 36%)
• Orcs now less vulnerable to slash 145% taken (from from 170%)
• Orcs need more xp to reach lvl 2, 50 experience (from 40)
• Orc warriors deal 20% less damage to isengard berserkers.
• Orc warriors deal 20% less damage to Mordor and Isengard Castle/Camp Citadels.
• Eye of Sauron experience leadership reduced 50% (from 100%)
• Gollum cost reduced to 50 (from 150)
• Gollum armor reduced. Slash armor 80% taken (from 35%, Uruk 80% taken (from 25%)
• Default armor 70% damage taken (from 50%).
• Gollum 70% damage boost against infantry removed. Now deals only 10 damage.
• Darkness recharge time decreased 4min (from 5min)
• Darkness damage bonus increased 50% (from 33%)
• Scavenger power point reduced 2 (from 4) bounty doubled.
• Call the horde power point reduced 4 (from 6) duration increased slightly, cooldown reduced to 3min
(from 5min)
• Haradrim Lancer cost reduced 200 (from 240)
• Soldier of Rhun cost reduced to 350 (from 400)
• Soldier of Rhun build speed reduced 40s (from 45s)
• Drummer troll cost reduced 1200 (from 1300) buildtime decreased to 45s (from 53s)
• Drummer trolls now give leadership to mumakil.
• Drummer troll experience leadership reduced 100% (from 200%)
• Nazgul pierce armor reduced 45% taken (from 30%) damage taken vs fire increased 85% taken (from 90%)
• Witchking now more resistant to pierce damage 30% taken (from 40%) now more vulnerable
to fire damage 80% taken (from 90%).
• Mordor Siegetower cost reduced 800 (from 1000)
• Haradrim palace can now research Banner Carrier Uppgrade at lvl 2.
• Mumakil now has a chance to rampage when exposed to enough fire damage.
• Catapult cp increased 8 (from 5)
• Catapult armor against flame damage reduced 85% damage taken (from 50%)
• Catapult buildtime increased 50s (from 40s)
• Catapult bounty increased 50 (from 10)
• Catapult splash radius reduced 25 (from 30)
• Orcs archers Preattackdelay reduced to 800 (from 1000)
Min reload time reduced to 1200 (from 1500)
Max reload time reduced to 1700 (from 2000)
• Mumakils now has self heal at lvl 1.
• Mumakil pen now requires less experience to level up. 8000 for level 2 (from 10000) 16000 for level 3
(from 20000).
• Mumakils now have visible leadership fx and healing fx.
• Trolls always run now
• Mordor main base citadel is now much stronger vs hero melee attacks, such as Aragorn,Boromir, etc , 35% taken (from 100%).

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BFME Launcher Installer

BFME Launcher Installer

Full Version 16 comments

Welcome to the new BFME launcher, the ultimate hub for Battle for Middle Earth enthusiasts and competitive players alike! We're excited to introduce you...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 13)
Stefan19911991 - - 9 comments

Great patch but Launcher is bugged it says this app cannot run on your pc please fix it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
EomerUnleashed - - 1 comments

Since the patch 1.09 came out, I found great fun in BFME again!
The community welcomed me very well and the really good players who made this patch make me become a better player. After a few games you can already see that they changed the balance of the game wisely.
Thumbs up for the work these guys put in an old but still loved game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
acadea27 - - 234 comments

Any way to change the menu music back to the OG one ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,660 comments

The Campain work's whit this changes?
Thank you!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Yoshibfme Creator
Yoshibfme - - 5 comments

Yes the campaign works as normal!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Guest - - 699,660 comments

Sorry, it's not clear to me... Does the campaign work normally, without changes, or does the campaign work with Game Mode changes?
Thank you for your understanding and help!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Yoshibfme Creator
Yoshibfme - - 5 comments

Hi, Im not sure what you mean with game mode changes, but the campaign works, and is the same as it was in the original game.
The changes from the changelog are also applied in the campaign, if that is what you were asking.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,660 comments

I wanted to know about the changes in the changelog! I'm glad that they apply in Campaigns! :)
Thank you once again for your understanding and help! All the best!:)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
weEAT - - 1 comments

very easy to use! love this thanks

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
OffThatIsALotOfDamag - - 2 comments

• Treebeard now spawns from Rohan Citadel, cost increased 3000 (from 2000)
• Gandalf the white powerpoint now gives 500 extra hp (from 300)
• Palantir now works on all infantry and monsters.
- bro what? just couple of examples. this mod has some good changes from 2.22 and some really terrible ones from developer team i guess for noobs this patch is perfect. cant see this being competetive anytime :///

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Yoshibfme Creator
Yoshibfme - - 5 comments

Thanks for comment! Yes the balance changes are decided by experts so can seem strange from 2.22 player perspective.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
numan1111 - - 811 comments

These 2.22 lovers. Guys 1.09 is not a mod. Its a patch made by Bfme Experts. Not by 1 person. lots of them. It took more than 2 years.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
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