Battlefleet Gothic is the game of spaceship battles in the dark future of the 41st millennium. Fleets of enormous starships engage in ship-to-ship combat among the darkness of the galaxy in a struggle for the domination of the Gothic Sector! All the action takes place in the game as you match wits and skill against your opponent. This modification is a total conversion of the base game and replaces the cityscapes and barren wastelands of Dawn of War with the endless cold void of space. Gone are the men and women under your command; you fight with battlecruisers and arcane relics inbetween the stars themselves!

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Total conversion is hard work really. We all hopes one day this mod will be finished.

I have to say that I am very impressed with the improvements from version 0.7 to 0.8. I had time to test out BFG mod for an hour or so to see what's up, the installation is simplistic, and this version is definitely up for playability!

With leniency, betas are never finished products. +10/0 (free points)

8/10 immersion/gameplay

6/10 replayability

10/10 learning curve

7/10 tactics; 3/10 unit mechanics and how they work

10/10 AI

10/10 functionality

8/10 graphics/quality

2/0 (free points) for a complete total conversion mod!

Worth the download? 10/10

Onto the game itself, I like it. It needs work, but I like it. The AI, whoever did the AI did a perfect job, the layout of the game was very nice, and finally, it has achieved level of quality and gameplay in this version (0.8).

I would play this mod once, perhaps definitely twice to try out both factions, but the finished feel and the epicness is not there yet (sort of like Planetary Annihilation Alpha), so it is not a mod I would play.

As for the things I don't like that I'd like to see fixed in the future is:

The Fog on some maps making your units disappear as you zoom out, pathfinding issues (a must), the movement and turning speeds of your fleet (a must), the lack of fielding starfighter units (a heavy must), the lack of projectiles shooting down ships, lack of sound, Imperial Navy using Chaos voices, the tech tree system a little confusing switching from building to building making sure you got the unknown relic, the control zone radius, lack of many structures, the variants in unit types feels the same, better ui descriptions (what x unit is effective against), and finally perhaps a bonus, the option to warp jump via the jump ability ;).

Lack of turrets I can deal with, because that's what mods in DOW do these days (which in my opinion is f***ing ridiculous). :\

That's it! This mod I see in the future would be a HUUUUUGE hit!

Very good.

This is the closest thing to an official BFG game and I can't wait to see it finished.





Graphics much lower quality than that of the game its modding. Alot more work to be done before its a fully releasable mod


Big accomplishment! possible most awaited mod in the history of DoW.

Finally a complete overhaul, as Gabe Newell would say "it was worth the wait". Although its an early version, it really promises with new models and new mechanics. Plus, you got dem space battles.

If you are a big fan of the Homeworld-esque feeling, this is just for you!.

8 years of waiting, and every second has been worth it. If you love DoW, or BFG, or both, then your need to try out this mod. Sure it's beta and it's not perfect, but it's pretty darn good.

I give you 10. I didn`t played this mod now, but its only 10 for idea. Space Battles in W40k! Thats new word in Dawn of War game series. I am waiting the download link!

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Big accomplishment! possible most awaited mod in the history of DoW.

Nov 19 2012 by Cucaracha