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The mod is nearing completion. I will explain what has been going on. A release date is coming soon.

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Hello again!

I know it's been a while. This mod is NOT dead. I recently began working on it again with renewed motivation. You see, I really hate dead mods and disappointing the people tracking it, so I decided to actually get it done instead of giving up.

I've been working on this on and off for 14 months now (and much longer than the 1 month I predicted it to be, lol) so I want to get it off my to do list.

Many, many, many things have been fixed, and added, and improved. I can't really number them all.

But I'm trying to make this mod as good as I can get it, and I hope it won't be disappointing. Sure, it won't be as good as some maps made by those geniuses working on the big ones, but it'll be good enough for me.

I don't want to post more pictures right now because the mod is relatively short and I don't want to spoil everything. I might delete some of the old ones and replace them with updated versions, if I have the time.

Expect me to put up a release date soon.


Good to hear that it's not dead. Can you tell us more about what you're doing with it?

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Theevina Author

- Doors have doorframes
- There's more maps
- The memory sticks have a purpose
- More puzzles to existing maps
- Everything is more detailed than before, though it could be better I suppose. That's my weak point.
- lots more stuff...

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Good to hear!

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Great news Theevina!!
And we all have those moments, when you don't really feel like continuing with a mod or map(pack). Those are most of those mods that die then and i to hate it when that happens, (although i understand the choise most of the times). People who never developed a map or mod don't know that it is not always fun to make them, in fact, about 60 to 80% of the dev. time is fun but the other part is just simply work, nothing else. That is probably also a reason why a lot of projects die, because ones they really get in to it they notice this to. So, good for you that you picked it up again and really soon you will get back in the exiting flow again.
And shorter mods are also great, quit a few people even like them better as those big ones (i know as i am one of those big mod devs lol).
So, don't worry about the lenght.
We wait till its done, keep creating and we will play ones it is released!

(a fellow modder/mapper)

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Glad to hear this has been revived! :D I greatly enjoyed beta testing the earlier one, I can't wait to see what's changed =)

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