Sent on a mysterious mission to a frigid wasteland, questions begin to arise. What are you looking for? What will you find? What price will you have to pay to know the truth?

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It had some nice little puzzles, but the design is extremly basic. At least the displacements could have used a bit more effort.


BordieBronze says

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Was not fun at all. The first part was kind of cool, but i counted so many mapping problems. first of all, anyone who makes a clip brush to stop the player from walking somewhere that totally looks walkable should go to developer hell. I got so tired of mindlessly walking up and down stairs. I made it to the giant room with the stupid turret scene that takes control of the camera, which was weird and dumb. Also, i don't know why but i got a horror vibe from playing that for an hour and a half. You know what, it's not bad. It's also not good. so i rate five.

If you have the patience, go right in and play this. If you don't, please save your time.

To the creator: dude...good job honestly, but that was crap. I'm sorry man but it was just too bad, i really expected more from it. The mapping could improve, when making hills and stuff, make sure to set the subdivision to 4 to make it a lot more smooth.

(I am aware that this was from 2015 but whatever)


thedeadcamper says

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This is an interesting mod, with a setting that isn't something you see explored a lot. It attempts to combine the Portal and Half-life 2 universes into a single game, and then expands upon it by telling the story of an unrelated facility with strict entrance requirements, done in the form of simple but easy-to-fail puzzles.

However, it's very flawed as a mod: the level design is flat and extremely basic, the puzzle design is mean spirited, and the endings make no sense of the story, even together as a trio. It's as though this was the modders first or second attempt at both game design and the Source engine.

It pulls a lot of bad design choices overall, making it very easy to skip entire plot relevant sections of the mod (for example, the entire South Wing is easy to miss with no repercussions; I had to do a second playthrough to see it).

The puzzle design is cruel in places, turning most of the first puzzles into a mean spirited trick on the player, including a broken first puzzle that involves a running puzzle to activate two buttons simultaneously. Failing to do this within the time limit breaks the buttons it seems, and the player is unable to progress. Ironically, despite this mod being aware of Aperture Science, it seems to miss a lot of the forgiving nature in Portal's puzzle design.

But I've been negative enough. There are actually a lot of positive elements that make this mod worth playing. The story behind the facility is interesting, and it puts an interesting distopian spin on an already downtrodden HL2 universe in the facility it creates. The cruel tests at the beginning have a purpose to the story and it seems even the mod maker is aware of how mean the tests are.

Despite the basic uninteresting look of the mod, the set pieces still do a good job at instilling a sense of dread in the player. With the large facility and living quarters being suspiciously empty, it makes it clear that something is wrong. Also, I can't deny the strange satisfaction of randomly carrying things into the incinerator while trying to find the next area to explore. Small details like this are fun.

I feel the best part of this mod is the facility itself, The second puzzle section is great too, showcasing some of the more creative puzzles the mod has to offer.

The weakest part is the strange, short parking section of the facility. The car seems pointless and unnecessary even. I also hated the endings because they all left me confused and disappointed, but loved the video tape sequence during the hardest ending.

This mod is both unsettling and yet fun to explore at the same time. If it works out some better endings and improves the brushwork, I feel like my experience would be even more positive.


Interesting plot that got me invested, the puzzles make sense, good atmosphere and some genuinely spooky moments. Gave me a nice palette of emotions.

i like puzzle in ice

Pretty decent mod! It's got the atmosphere alright; the maps are beautiful and gave me the chills here and there. There aren't enough Half Life 2 puzzle mods, so it was cool to stumble upon this one!

My one issue with this mod was it's lackluster ending, but there are two other endings (there are 3 different endings total) that I didn't see so I can't count points against it for that alone.

Otherwise, this was a tight puzzle mod experience! Shame it's more on the obscure side as it definitely deserves a little more attention!

Interesting puzzle&environment; exploration mod, if you played "lost under the snow" or "CUBE" - this mod will be interesting for you.

A mediocre mod to its core. The mapping is very basic at best and awful at worst, most of the play time consists of walking through spaces that are massive for no reason or walking down long, boring corridors. On that note, most of the mod is severely under detailed to the point where that alone makes it hard to play. The puzzles are uninteresting, the gameplay barely exists, and the way everything is strung together is really poor. None of that is the worst offense here, though. The worst offense is the constant instant deaths that are unwarned that lead to trial and error gameplay that's extremely frustrating, I found myself quicksaving as I entered each room. I could say more, but I will leave it at that.

Overall, I can tell the creator cared, but just wanted to rush something out with not too much thought and without gaining the experience needed to make something worth playing. It's mediocre to the core, but at times is really, really bad.

Well, this is interesting mix of Half-Life 2 and some Cry of Fear styled features and maybe Half-Quake... Not bad at all.

One of the best mods for Half-Life 2 I ever played. Here's text to fill review field, because I can't post 10/10 review without 150 characters review:... ............... ....................... ...............