What if the Cylons hadn't been able to hack into the Colonial defence network? What if instead of shutting down all the Battlestars with the push of a button they had instead had to fight their way through the layers of defences that had been built up over forty years of uneasy peace. This mod aims to allow you to find out for yourself. Take command of the mighty Colonial fleet or the colossal Cylon armada and fight for the Twelve Colonies!

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Update on mod work and the current situation. News on next release.

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Hi everyone, just a quick update on where we are at the moment.

I've changed a load of background things in the mod to both improve the look and feel and also the performance, in particular the FPS.

So here's a run down of the main things;

New menu battle, new maps.

IMG 1136

The main menu battle now represents the battle over New Caprica between Galactica, Pegasus and several Cylon Basestars. New maps have been added for most planets in both GC and skirmish (check the custom maps tab in skirmish setup!) and I plan to work further on them.

Pirates have been given some love! The long ignored pirates have been looked at with squadron sizes fixed, superfluous units removed and they have been balanced with the other two factions. Expect a hard fight if you play as the Pirates, their vessels are punchy but lack staying power and fighters are available in smaller numbers than for the Colonials and Cylons.

New sound files, new ftl effect

I've got some new audio files for the mod, allowing me to improve the feel of the mod with accurate responses and background chatter. I'll be adding more of this as I go along, hopefully all Colonial and Cylon units will have custom sound files when I'm finished.

New main menu music. I've decided to change the menu music to this Youtu.be which I think goes better.

New pirate fighter icons IMG 1139

New Cylon heavy unit IMG 1137

The heavy basestar boasts more missile silos and heavier armour to allow it to last longer in combat against Colonial battlestars at a cost of half of the raider wing compared to its lighter cousin.

New Cylon space station and super unit. The Cylon space station has been replaced with thisIMG 1140

While the current Cylon space station has been repurposed into a Cylon super unit, a hybrid station/mobile fortress that is capable of defeating a Battlestar in solo combat while deploying huge numbers of raiders and repairing lesser Cylon warships. This station will be extremely rare though and costly to produce.

Other changes; the FPS of the game has been markedly improved thanks to the reduction of shots fired by fighter wings and the slight reduction in the numbers of fighters deployed. Explosions have been optimised help this further and overall the game is runner more smoothly in almost all situations.

I'm not ready to release a new version yet but one will be coming soon, hopefully the next few weeks. Final thing, the mod is now on Discord as part of the SW Modding community, you can find it here Discord.gg feel free to message me with mod questions or just to discuss stuff. My user name is mighty_moose

UnseenOni Creator

When you say hybrid station/mobile fortress, does that mean that you have gotten help from the AOTR team in making it mobile like the T1 and T2 Empire stations in AOTR? And what about the various levels, is this just a secondary station, or a full blown Leveled station progressing through 1-5?

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mighty_moose416 Author

It's early days with the station yet, all I've done so far is add the Jovan as a super unit, using the tier 5 station and it's original weapons, adding an engine bone so it can move. I haven't done anything else to it yet.

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How will we be able to tell a Heavy Basestar from it's regular counterpart?Are the just a lot larger than usual?
Anyway, keep up the great work man. Definitely looking forward to this release.

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mighty_moose416 Author

It's an ever so slightly different model, with a different texture and extra details along the arms. It's also the same size as the current basestar, not bigger. You can tell the difference if you look carefully.

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damn... cant wait again

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