Thank you for coming! Here, I have some simple addons for Battlefront II remastered project! Banners for Steam, and Replacement of the exe. Try it out!

Try out @Harrisonfog's mod! ↓↓↓↓

Battlefront 2 Remaster Project

Battlefront 2 Remaster Installer 1.4

Or download all my packs now!

All Battlefront II Remastered Addons

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Installers Tutorial

Banners Pack:

Right-click on the Steam Background.Install Tutorial1

A menu will pop up. To change the background, select "Set Custom Background".

The file explorer should pop up.Install Tutorial2

Go to the Folder where your banners are located, and select the one you want.Install Tutorial3

If you want to change your logo, (not to be confused with the logo on BattlefrontII.exe) Right-click again to get the menu.Install Tutorial4

Select "Set Custom Logo".Install Tutorial5

Then go to the folder where the logo is located, and select it.Install Tutorial6

To change either the background
or the logo back to its default, right-click and hit either "Clear Custom Background" or "Clear Custom Logo".

Logo Pack:

First go to your battlefront 2 game directory. Copy your battlefront 2 application and move it to a safe place.Install Tutorial7

Then move the custom battlefront 2 application into the game directory.Install Tutorial8

Install Tutorial9

Common Battlefront II game directories:
C:Program files\Lucas Arts\Star Wars Battlefront II

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\Star Wars Battlefront II

GOG Games\Star Wars Battlefront II

(But don't quote me on any of this)

If this any of this doesn't work, or if you have and quetions, please say so in the comments.

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All Battlefront II Remastered Addons

All Battlefront II Remastered Addons


Here's all the Projects on the page. It contains the Banner Pack (Steam only) and the Logo Pack.

Banners Pack (STEAM ONLY)

Banners Pack (STEAM ONLY)

Full Version

Banners for steam background and logos. STEAM ONLY.

Logo Pack

Logo Pack


Logo made for the battlefront application. Instructions included.

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