In the morning of December 16th,1944 German Forces launched a surprise attack in the dense Ardennes Forest in Belgium and Luxemburg. Allied High command is hastily rushing re-enforcements to the area, to counter the surprise attack and prevent them from crossing Meuse river. Can you stop the elite of the German panzerdivisions, or vice versa,lead them to victory? Find out. Features include but are in no way limited to: -The new Automatic Territory Capture system (thanks to AnyGameX) No more flagpoles simply capture territory by having more men in it than your opponent, the more the faster! -Realistic tank combat featuring historic penetration values, tanks have their turret rotation times reset to the actual speeds of real life, visibility reduced to reflect the limited line of sight from tanks' vision blocks. -new units such as the Sturmtiger, M36 'Slugger', M4A3E2 Sherman "Jumbo" and many,many more. - more than 30 exclusive high quality winter maps & realistic athmospheres

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Mar 23 2012 Anchor

(not sure If I should put this in technical issues or not...)

Anyway, from mine and my friends playing of the game, we have noticed several things.
#1: On some vehicular artillery units, (namely the wespe), the auto repair ability icon takes the slot of the counter battery icon. This doesn't impede the game at all, because you can still click 'n' to use counter battery, but it is annoying.
#2: Same as before, but on the 6th ss panzerarmy king tigers. The smoke barrage ability (lvl 3) takes the place of auto repair, and since auto repair has no assigned hotkey, it can no longer be used.
#3: The allied infantry doctrines fire base (not sure if that's the actual name) can not be fired out of (tested with multiple unit types).

Mar 24 2012 Anchor

thanks for reporting, we will adress the bugs soon and include the fix into the next release.

Mar 24 2012 Anchor

I'll let you know if I find anything else.

Mar 27 2012 Anchor

The thing you got to repair ASAP is lobby host bug. We have managed to play 2vs2 easily, but when you are talking about 3vs3 or 4vs4 the server disappears strangely from the lobby's server list. I mean that when there is 5 players (host + 4 other players) on the server, the server locks down some way and 6th player can't see the server in the lobby. Either if he requests invite or somebody invites him to the server he can't get in:
1.) He won't see the invite / the guy from who he requested invite won't see the request and eventually both get message "invitiation to the player X was timed out or cancelled". 2.) He stucks on the "connecting to the server" status and can't get in the server nor out of connecting status so he have to close CoH.exe from the task manager. 3.) He just receives message "that server no longer exits"

This has happened even if there is only 3 or 4 players on the server, but most usually when there is 5 players on the server. Server just disappears o_O

((( Anyway we still managed to get 4vs4 (PvP) game, but it was REALLY HARD. For first we all had to be on the Teamspeak3 server because fast communication is importnat with this trick: One guy made server and all else waited untill they saw his server. Then when everybody were ready, hoster said "join in 3, 2, 1 NOW!". Well there was always like 1-2 guys who didn't get in, but we just kept rehosting and trying again and again and after like 10 attempts all got in and we happily played our 4vs4 PvP match. )))

Mar 28 2012 Anchor

The Lobby Bug. Damn. ASFAIK Blitzkrieg and EF suffer that too. I am afraid that is sth I cannot fix.

Mar 28 2012 Anchor

Europe in Ruins mod is not having the problem so maybe the answer would come from them.

Mar 31 2012 Anchor

I have noticed a bug that resembles to the bug posted by GoldenArbiter:
The HEAT shell upgrade on LeIG18 infantry gun replaces the icon of stationary recon, and if you forget to switch that off before purchasing the upgrade, you won't be able to turn that off anymore. It's nothing serious, it's just annoying, because it slows their movement.

Another one: sometimes Wespe won't execute the firing order. I select a location for the barrage (it's inside its firing radius), it prepares to fire, but nothing happens. I've also noticed it in version 2.7, too.

Oh and I can buy basic infantry upgrades anywhere in the field (Riflemen squad and Volksgrenadiere).

It's just my personal observation: it seems to me that the AI is not using tanks at all. In 9 out of 10 games I haven't encounterd tanks! Not even a M5 Stuart, only halftracks and tons of jeeps and infantry. Only infantry mode is not enabled, of course, and I was playing against hard and/or expert AI. Is it just me or did somebody else notice it too?

Anyway, great job with this mod, I play it more often than the original game! Thanks BotB Team! I'll let you know if I find something else.

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Apr 1 2012 Anchor

When you garrison infantry who have abilities in the German HQ before you have upgraded phases all the way, the ability slot over writes the upgrade slot.
Similar to what zed751 said: the grille when doing indirect fire will sometimes not fire.
Some AT guns will do the fire animation, but will not actually fire, same with the occasional tank.
When completely blocked off, (all bridges covered by spikes and barbed wire) the AI just pools all of its units in one spot.
The panzerwerfer 42, does not fire when on counter battery, except at flame units.

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but the sturmpanzer IV can kill itself. In my case, an infantry unit ran straight at it, and when it was right next to it, the sturmpanzer fired, and then exploded violently.
Again, not sure if a bug: During early game, MG teams suppress nigh instantly, but late game, MG teams are almost worthless, because nothing gets suppressed. (maybe this is an allied doctrine thing? if so, disregard.)

Apr 2 2012 Anchor

Note: if enemy mortar/artillery is not on Panzerwerfer's range of fire, panzerwerfer42 won't shoot counterbattery fire. I've seen my Panzerwerfer42 shoot some counterbattery fire and it's really delicious to watch. Would be propably the best counter battery artillery if it had better range, since it's range is quite small compared to normal artillery.
About Sturmpanzer IV.. I've seen it explode own team member's tanks by mistake. Also if Sturmpanzer IV explodes and there's friendly tank next to it, for example King Tiger, that tank will get destroyed too.
About mg42, propably mg42 has more worse suppression in late game coz there is more strong "elite" infantry, like rangers, on field which won't get suppressed and killed so easily.

Apr 2 2012 Anchor

Note on the 6th ss panzer division: From the kreig barracks there is no option to build mortars (not including half track), however from a forward HQ, you can build 1 mortar team. it says that there is a maximum of three, yet you can only build one. I'm not sure if its existence is a mistake or not...

Another thing, I've had times where I could only build 2 MG teams while it says I can build three.

MG teams do not sprint when the sprint button is pushed (German ones at least).

Apr 4 2012 Anchor

Had an M5 76mm Anti Tank gun towed by a Deuce-and-a-half cckw Truck. Sent it to the front lines. When the truck got there and I returned my view to it, the gun was gone, and only one crew member was there. When I selected the truck, the transport slot still showed the anti-tank gun, so I tried to press the disembark button. Nothing happened. The transport slot still showed the anti-tank gun. But when I then tried to move the truck, the truck refused to move.

A few germans did slip behind my front line, so the towed gun might have come under fire at some point. But since I didn't actually see it happen, so that's just a theory.

Apr 4 2012 Anchor

MG teams (both sides) don't sprint when the sprint button is pushed.

If troops surrender mid retreat, they give sight lines. (not sure if they do that regularly)

The AI has a bad tendency to charge its artillery after firing it...

Note of praise: You guys are awesome, keep up the great work.

If the artillery piece for the 7th German army has its crew killed while being 2nd veterancy level, with counter battery active, when the gun is recrewed, counter batter will still be active, and the crew will still be able to fire normally.

Apr 5 2012 Anchor

@Zed: The squads which were able to upgrade in the field already lost men, right?
Seems like the tank issue is map dependant... or maybe doctrine. Most times AI builds lots of tanks. for me at last.

@GA and others. quite in a hurry here, will answer some stuff later on.

Apr 8 2012 Anchor

just joined to post this

i cant select any option/rules when making a skirmish
when i click to change any of the options i get a flash in the chat (were you write, not were the message is shown)

Jun 6 2012 Anchor

Some of the Allied Paratrooper's squad members don't have weapons.

Jul 1 2012 Anchor

Hi, so I just downloaded this great mod, and had no issues until i played with my friend online. First it was the surrendering, in which case, we downloaded and patched the game. We tried again just now, and at the beginning of the match, we both get a sync error. Could it be because he is using the steam version of CoH, or a bug? Thanks.

Jul 8 2012 Anchor

i installed the mod and when i attempted to launch the mod and as soon as i did that it crashed

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Jul 8 2012 Anchor

shodytbl04 wrote: Hi, so I just downloaded this great mod, and had no issues until i played with my friend online. First it was the surrendering, in which case, we downloaded and patched the game. We tried again just now, and at the beginning of the match, we both get a sync error. Could it be because he is using the steam version of CoH, or a bug? Thanks.

Does he also have the no surrender patch? Me and my friend were having similar troubles...
Also, do you both have a payed version of the game? Because if one of you doesn't you would need to do it lan via a vpn software like tunngle.
That's all I can help you out with...

Aug 10 2012 Anchor

I just installed the mod and tried it out online. (With patch)
I get the sync error too.
My friend too.
We will try out without the patch.

Aug 31 2012 Anchor

sometimes when I ask a vehicle to move the white dotted line doesn't show and it doesn't move so you have to make a path really short or it won't move. this normally happens at the end of the game and american buildings sometimes have german flags and vice versa

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Sep 12 2012 Anchor

cant help that. thats nothing I changed, sorry.

Sep 13 2012 Anchor

First of all Great goddang Mod here, love it.
But I am having the same sync error problem as Kommissar and Shody. We both have the new Surrender Patch installed.

I would be much obliged for any assistance.

Mar 16 2013 Anchor

Hi guys, thanks for this awesome mod!
I may have found a little bug: fallshimjagers (both those of the 7th army and the doctrinal unit of the 5th) do not respond when you click on them or when you give them orders.
Cheers and thanks again for you work!

Mar 19 2013 Anchor

known problem, buit its hard to adress, its only in some language versions

May 10 2013 Anchor

When Troops for example pioneers of WM are in the HQ they take away the place to advance to next phase with their ability(repair), so early assault on enemy can hold them in phase one :P

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