The Battle Grounds(BG) is a Half-Life Modification based on the Revolutionary War. You and your teammates will have to act together strategically to fight the enemy teams. It will be team based game play. In Bg you can play as a solider in two teams: 1. The Royal British Army 2. The Colonial United States Continental Army For each side you will have a choice of several classes, each with their own individual style and unique playing feel. More details will be added later as our source feature list is fleshed out

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I've always admired Half-Life for the sheer quality and amount of Mods that have been made for them. Some are single player, some are multiplayer but almost all of them tell a tale.

The Battle Grounds places you in the skin of either the British or the Americans during the Revolutionary War. The maps are all based around America as it would've been seen during the 1770's 1780's.

Among the weapons used are the classic Muskets, One Shot pistols, and bayonetts while the models of both factions soldiers look and feel like the real thing in the mod.

Like other Multiplayer mods, Battle Grounds have bots and even if you are not that skilled, The bots can be adjusted to be either easy or hard.


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