Baryonic Predicament is a singleplayer puzzle-action mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two. This mod contains over an hour worth of gameplay. Created by Miigga IMPORTANT: Turns out that some Steam update has caused this mod to not appear in the Steam games list. Worry not, simply go to the "gameinfo.txt" file that comes with the mod and add a } in the end. Restart Steam and it should show up now. Baryonic Predicament was originally exclusively released on Planetphillip.

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Nice puzzles, very good level design.
I was interested in playing it.


Creative puzzles, good level design, not very short - like 2 or 3 hours. Perfect.


Fun mod with beautiful design and well-tuned gameplay. Puzzles are mostly simple and few of them have more than 1-2 steps to them, but they still will probably take a few tries for you to complete. Those that are more complex made me appreciate the mod even more because I know how much scripting those required. Puzzles are followed by action arenas which are well made, neither too easy nor overwhelming, everything felt well balanced and playtested (no suprise, it was beta tested by a whole collective). Doesn't seem to follow any kind of story but instead just aims to creating fun challenge. Did I mention that level design is beautiful? Because it is quite well done, very well done if fact, and you wouldn't normally expect it from a puzzle mod; what I mean that it's not sterile and monotone like Portal, but quite the opposite. I was very pleased with observing quality level design. Good visuals, good balance, fun arenas and good pacing of action and puzzles - why not rate it 10. Go try it, it should be a fun ride.

(9/10) -- you valled your maps "silly" :))
Nevermind, it's played with pleasure!
Thank you for quality.

Don't expect a mod with a story or meaning, this is just a really fun mod. well done puzzles and combat situations, great visuals and mapping. maybe a bit too much at a couple of fights but only had to load a few times to get it done so no big deal.


This was an extremely creative and fun mod. Its mapping was excellent and in many ways unique from other mods. It was somewhat challenging and the battles were well paced with lots of amazing puzzles in between, ones that I have rarely seen in mods before. The only downside I can think of is that there is a lack of story.

A well made mod with plenty of intriguing puzzles and good combat segments, however, it seems to drone on after a couple of hours of play and after awhile, I longed for the mod to simply end.

And what I got was a marvelous ending fight and an interesting method of displaying the credits.

Has a few kinks, but it's very much playable and enjoyable on an otherwise boring afternoon. :)

Maps are well made, and has a good amount of unique puzzles.


Everything was great. It had no story line, but I knew that head of time so its a great map pack. Play this for fun, dont come here expecting the next original story.


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