this is a sequel to the Gizmotron user-mod for Axis and Allies. featuring new types of weather & terrain. new, larger territory maps in skirmish mode. new experience ranks and bonuses (regiments improve up to 2000 exp points). 100+ special ops, new water-based units like cruisers and submarines (with torpedo attacks). nations included are Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Communist China, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, India (Allied), Indian National Army (Axis), Iran, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Mongolia, Nationalist China, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic (Axis), South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, the United States, Yugsolavia, and the Yugoslav Partisans more nations and territories available for WW2 mode, see images for details.

Naval Panorama
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Gizmotron Author

there's one little destroyer that's not featured in this snapshot-- which is highlighted in white on the minimap.

I've changed the default economic settings for capital territories: they get a $3000 bonus, 120 units of ammo, and 120 units of oil. this is not even factoring in whether they capture nearby factories, refineries, and local resources.

this means that large amphibious landings against Japan are going to be a risky undertaking! especially if you get caught up with an upkeep shortage at the starting bell of -$230!

I considered getting rid of the upkeep penalty for ships-- but this would mean that the ships couldn't be killed if you didn't have aircraft or a special op that could destroy them. and having played defensively against massive Japanese invasion fleets-- I find myselt torn. the AI just doesn't work fast enough to stave off losing a large part of the fleet-- so I think the best solution would be to massively increase the starting water-bonus per army. this gives the player and AI the chance to get a landing started-- and doesn't make it impossible to win a game because the ships simply won't die on their own if the landings fail.

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Nice. You mentioned that this spawn is random? Anyway, to get the carrier behind the group. Seems kinda strange to see it in the front like that.

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Gizmotron Author

the spawn is based on where the attack is made from. if you attack from west to east it will spawn on the western side of the map. sometimes the carriers are right up front and other times they're all the way in the back. if all of your armies attack from one direction they'll get grouped together. to get the best use out of the new ships you'll need to attack from multiple directions-- because I'm still not sure if I can get rid of the landbridges that cut-off the corners of the maps. I've gotten closer-- but more work needs to be done.

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this was the second spawn for the same map. Here all but one of the thirteen ships has been generated in one corner of the map. you can see that the starting money for the game was $4120 and that the player loses $231 each minute if nothing changes. players need to deploy two Corps HQs immediately if they hope to survive the mission. this is even more true for amphibious attacks against Japan.

on the plus side, the improved battleship ranges mean that you can wipe out an enemy Corps HQ with offshore bombardment if your lucky.

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