Title: Atmosphere Weather Effects mod (A. E. W.) v 1.2 Platform: Shadow Of Chernobyl 1.0004 Developer: Dead_Land and Anton Vukolov

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Title: Atmosphere Weather Effects mod (A. E. W.) v 1.2
Platform: Shadow Of Chernobyl 1.0004
Developer: Dead_Land and Anton Vukolov

Dowload: Catcut.net catcut.net/9vM9 Checking on the bots :-)
Official website:Click! ! !

Changes :
The purpose of the modification was to change the standard weather parameters and physical effects (particles).

Changed graphics of the sun. Now glare more varied and atmospheric. Returned and improved the moon by night.
Changed the effects of sunrise and sunset for more contrast, and realistic. Now lightning not only on
the horizon, but in any other place (such as YY). During rain, the Area draws a misty veil
distance of the review falls sharply. Implemented a new weather effect - a hurricane, it can be switched on during a thunderstorm. Voice
while competently matched, but in the next version this problem will be solved. The Landfill is now more
atmospheric weather : the sky over the cloud, flying clubs toxic dust.Added poplar fluff.

As for particles:

Converted absolutely everything the effects shooting. Each of the arms about their muzzle flash.
Now each type of weapon has its own model of casings. (It all depends on caliber and cartridge.) In addition
sleeve some time lying on the ground. Modified powder smoke.Now when firing shotguns
(SPAS12, Wincheaster1300) from the barrel will break not only the muzzle flame, but typical spark-lights.
Changed and improved the effects of almost all the anomalies.
Changed and improved the effects of explosions.
Improved effect of fire. Restored the smoke.
New particles damage to the planes. New spark damage to the metal. Now, with a long shooting brick
or concrete buildings formed a dusty crumb. Globally changed the blood and water splashing. New effects
from artifacts and much more.

Compatibility with other mods has not been verified.

The modification is purely atmospheric direction.

I recommend to play this mod , after selecting TuneZone. It's for the full effect.
The mod has been tested on all types of lighting. On the dynamics of (full dynamics) and statics will work well,
but when I play it still at full dynamics.

Update 1.1

List of fixes:

Restored compatibility of the sun from the skybox.
Removed the sagging FPS because of the huge number particles.
Now the sun shines not so brightly, blindingly.
A reduced amount of sparks for bullet hits on metal.
Reduced number of drops of blood.
Fixed concrete Bouncing baby.
Increased range of the fog.

Update 1.2

List of fixes:
A new weather Bar and plant a sprout
New weather Amber
Now the weather is changing by the hour, in some cases by the minute
Changed main menu (in the style of A. E. W.)
The plant sprout and Pripyat can be observed rising up scraps of paper poluslova
As weather effect included in the day insects, night - crickets (in the future possibly will be removed)
Modified and reworked some particles and firing anomalies
Added particles shot from the grenade launcher and revolver grenade launcher RG-6


Unzip the archive into the game folder.
If you want the maximum effect from the atmosphere, install TuneZone.She also extracted in the game folder.

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Atmosphere Mod (1.0)

Atmosphere Mod (1.0)

Full Version 1 comment

This mod adds in some of the most popular skins and fixes from the mod community into the game and tries to make it more life like.

Merc- - - 357 comments

Can you port this to CoP?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Axy300 - - 11 comments

Hello Dead_land, how are you? Hey man I really love your mod, it's beautiful! :). But I have a problem. There is a Flesh stuck in the wall in one of the underground rooms in the village in cordon, and every time I got near it or shoot it, My character falls through the floor to the bottom of the map! (killing me in the process, of course). Can yo fix this problem please? Like I said, your mod is very good. Cheers! :)

Im running 10004 version

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Merc- - - 357 comments

Absolutely perfect!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 695,615 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

jz1644 - - 88 comments

Cannot download

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Dead_Land Creator
Dead_Land - - 2 comments

Already there.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Shadowracer - - 194 comments

Looks really nice. Good luck in development. :)


Oh, its says "released Feb24, 2017". Where can i download it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Dead_Land Creator
Dead_Land - - 2 comments

It's already out I'm just on this site don't know the language is not 100 know link blocks but already patched.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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