Art Of War mod is partial-conversion modification adding lots of new features to old Zero Hour's gameplay, they are discussed in summary.

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Since I have no access to any modelling tools, I decided to put certain promotional information concerning Rodal Juhziz. Most possibly, he will be available as playable general in coming GLA Beta Release (planned on end of summer). Good news: about 50% of work on unit-list is done Bad news: I don't have money for new video-card at present -_-

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Previous war resulted in US and China cooperation put Rodal Juhziz's forces under heavy pressure. After most other branches were defeated or "neutralized" (an example of Prince Kassad), Juhziz was nearly surrounded by Chinese forces. he suffered heavy losses due to his tactics of suicidal use of any units. However, in crucial battle Terror Leader managed to hurl back Chinese troops and hold positions buying time for the rest of Juhziz's forces' escape.

After escape Juhziz reconsidered his former tactics that he now views as too costly. Heaving not so much men to waste now, he switched to more distant style of combat, putting his explosives into rounds instead of hang it on his troops.

Main changes:
- ALL kamikaze units are cut.
- Added incendiary, shrapnel and thermite weaponry.

- Command Center, produces workers, can produce Radar Vans.
- Supply Stash, provides funds from supply collection, produce workers
- Barracks, produce infantry and bikers.
- Arms Dealer, produce vehicles.
- Mechanic's Garage (Black Market re-concept), provides vital upgrades
- Palace (unchanged), allows advanced units, provides "high-tech" upgrades, can contain infantry garrison
- Ammo Depot (specific building), provides unique upgrades for Rodal Juhziz, allows production of Combo-Units if captured.
- SCUD Storm (superweapon, remodeled, conceptually unchanged), launches volleys of SCUD missiles.

Base Defense:
- Tunnel Network, armed with machinegun provides entrance to Tunnel Network.
- Quad site, basic anti-air and anti-infantry defense.
- ATM site, Anti-vehicle and anti-tank defense
- Small Demotrap, explosive trap. Deployable by Technicals and BTRD amphibians.
- Demotrap, explosive trap. Buildable by worker, deployable by BTRD amphibians.
- Mortar Site, long-range base defense. Require 3rd Rank.

Unit List:
Rank 1:
- Rebel, armed with short AKS-74 and shrapnel grenades. Gains AK-74M on 3rd veterancy level.
- RPG Trooper, armed with RPG launcher, do not attack air targets. Gains tandem warheads on 3rd veterancy level.
- Stinger Soldier, armed with Stinger launcher, can attack both air and ground targets, better against aircraft. Gains frag splash on 3rd veterancy level.
- Combat Bike, armed with twin machinegun
- ATM Bike, armed with ATM launcher
- Stinger Bike, armed with Stinger launchers
- Radar Van, provides radar, unarmed, can be camouflaged
- BTRD Amphibious transport, amphibious transport + engineering vehicle, armed with machinegunner. Can transport 6 units of infantry or demotraps. Equips with explosive AT missile on 3rd veterancy level.
- Technical, light reconnaissance vehicle, can transport 3 units of infantry or demotraps, armed with machinegunner. Equips with explosive AT missile on 3rd veterancy level.
- Sand Jerboa, Sherman-based half-tank half-artillery. Armed with howitzer, fires explosive shells at low angel. Equips with rocket pods on 3rd veterancy level.
- Shrapnel Truck, armed with shrapnel cannon and shrapnel grenade launcher, capable of clearing buildings of enemy infantry. Gains frag missiles on 3rd veterancy level.
- Reaper Air-defense, Quad Cannon-like vehicle with two auto-cannons. Gains Stinger launchers on 3rd veterancy level.
- Grad MLRS, soviet MLRS with unguided reactive shells. Capable of "full-volley launch" attack.Gains frag splash 3rd veterancy level.

Rank 3:
Some Hero unit, not decided yet. Definitely not Jarmen Kell.
- Battle Bus, assault infantry transport, armed with machinegunner. Equips with explosive AT missile on 3rd veterancy level.
- "Box" ATM launcher, light-armed long range ATM launcher, best at tank hunting. Gains critical hit (disables target vehicle) chance of 20-25% on 3rd veterancy level.
- Krug SAM Launcher, heavy missile-based long-range anti-air defense, can be camouflaged. Gains greater splash damage on 3rd veterancy level.
- Barkhan launcher, mobile SRBM launcher armed with explosive warheads. On 3rd veterancy level Explosive warheads become cluster.

Rank 5:
- Scraper tank, heavy "wheeled" tank armed with two howitzers and explosive AT missiles.
- Elbrus launcher, heavy missile-based long-range artillery armed with explosive warheads. On 3rd veterancy level Explosive warheads become cluster.
- Fire Barrierer (uber-unit). Armed with howitzer, ATM launchers and multiple rocket pods, capable of providing continuous curtain of fire, can place mines.

Cut Upgrades:
- Building Capture, granted for free.
- Infantry Camouflage. Discussed before.
- Scorpion Missile, presented as 3rd veterancy level bonus.
- Toxin shells, he didn't use it.

Upgrades list:
- AP-bullets, available at Mechanic's Garage. 25% damage boost for all bullet-based weapons. Affects: all bullet-armed units.
- AP-rockets, available at Mechanic's Garage. 25% damage boost for all small rockets and missiles. Affects: all rockets and missiles except Barkhan, Krug and Elbrus.
- Junk Repair, available at Mechanic's Garage. Self repair for all vehicles. Affects: ground vehicles.
- Worker's Shoes, available at Mechanic's Garage. Speed boost for all workers + small money bonus per each box. Affects: all workers.
- Fortified Structure, available at Mechanic's Garage. 25% resistance bonus to all damage types for buildings. Affects: all buildings.
- Radar Van Scan, allows radar scanning. Affects: radar Vans.

- Primitive Chemical Defense, available at Palace. Equips infantry with antidotes and gas masks, increases resistance to toxins and especially radiation. Affects: all infantry.
- Radar emplacement, available at Palace. Allows wider radar scanning, 2min reload. Affects: Command Center, Mechanic's Garage and Palace.

- Incendiary warheads, available at Ammo Depot. Arms certain (multipurpose) shells and missiles with incendiary load. Affects: Stinger Soldier (anti-ground), Stinger Biker (ant-ground), Sand Jerboa's rocket pods, Shrapnel Truck's grenades, Grad MLRS, Barkhan launcher, Scraper's missiles, Elbrus Launcher, Fire Barrierer's howitzers and rocket pods.
- Thermite warheads, available at Ammo Depot. Arms certain (anti-tank-oriented) shells and missiles with thermite mix providing damage boost. Affects: ATM site, RPG trooper, ATM bike, Sand Jerboa's howitzer, "Box" ATM launcher, Scraper's howitzers, Fire Barrierer's ATM launchers. Allows Grad MLRS to use thermite warheads.

- May be some upgrades will be reconsidered.
- May be some more upgrades will be added.
- May be one more unit will be added.

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