A.R.E.A. - Atmospheric Realistic Expanding Addon, global addon based on Call of Chernobyl.

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Best hardcore mod in the world!


I follow this mod since a couple of years, in YouTube streaming and gameplay video; very nice mod, take all best possibilities and put them into a mod and you have A.R.E.A.


One of the best mods of Stalkers Game ever. I love this mod.
Thank you guys. <3

Carefully thought out stalker simulator. Mod made with a soul.

The best mod for Call of Chernobyl


Dotya says

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Поиграв в данный мод теперь не могу играть в другие моды.
Having played this mod now I can’t play other mods.

In my opinion one of the best games ever.
Exciting, not so easy, but still quite complex.
Leider kann ich kein Kyrilish lesen :-).
Thank you very much for this work.


Pretty good mod for Call of Chernobyl. Even more better than Dead Air. After this mod the others looks like the simplest casual shooters with primitive gameplay.



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Best hardcore mod in the world!

Oct 31 2018 by Rockliff