Authors: Adam Karácsony

Readme File:
Age of Empires III The Age of Discovery modifications of Settlers, Coureurs, Explorer, Wardogs, TownCenters, Fieldhospitals, Blockhouses, Army tents, walls, and outposts.

I've created this mod to make a more exciting and fair game in AOEIII by changing some main gamerules. If you dont't agree with the rules or want other limit numbers, just email me, but don't forget that I haven't made this mod for crazy games, like: you have unlimited, superfast and superstrong vilagers, or crossbowmen whick can shoot further than 10 miles with the accuracy of 100% and the damage of 10 000, and blah blah... XD but... in case of you want that, well... i can do that and I will email you, but not publish if you don't mind : )
I hope my mod is not too crazy and you will love it
I'm not sure that everything's gona work. I tested theese modyfications in gameAOEIII standard edition and skirmish only, however I can not garantee the succes. Enjoy, and have fun!

If you have any questions, special requests, or questions, just email me and please write this for the subject of the email: AOE3 MOD 1.
My email adress:
You can be sure you'll got your answer.

The modifications:

settler pop count:0
settler build limit:200 instead of 99
settler hitpoints increased with 60%
theese above are conclude also the french worker-peaple or who are they called.

outpost build limit 30 instead of 7
outpost hit points, attacke range, damage, max contain and builder are increased with 25%, but it has it costs, wood resource need is increased 400 from 250 ;P

WarDog speed velocity increased 7 from 5
WarDog hitpoints: 80
WarDog sight of view is much greater
WarDog attack is much more effective

town center can train surgeons(max:10)

settlers and coureurs of all nation (except natives) can build block house(max:6) and fieldhospitals(max:4)

the explorer has much more hitpoints and attack strength, and can build fortfrontiers(max:4), fieldhospitals(max:4), blockhosues and army tents(max:20).

army tent, which is avaible in the first age, can train crossbowmen, pikemen, muskeeters and also wardogs(max:10)
crossbowmen can be trained in the first age

war dogs are now avaible for all nations

field hospital, which can train surgeons(max:10)

surgeons, which can build field hospitals and has no population count

you can build 50 houses instead of 20 (the total population is not changed)
You can build 3 Capitols instead of 1
theese makes no sense, but you can build a greater and more georgious city in game.

walls costs 20% more, but they are twice as strong

->->->->->->->->->->->INSTALLATION ! ! ! !
To use it, just paste the zip archive to: Program Files> Microsoft Games> Age of Empires III> data, and then extract it. Click the Owerwrite-button. If you want to disable this modification, just delete the modificated proto.xml and techtree.xml and then rename the file protoBACKUP.xml to proto.xml and the file techtreeBACKUP.xml to techtree.xml.

I'm sorry if i was foggy, so if you failed something or disunderstood me, just email me as I've written above.

I did not ripped it from an other person's mod. I did not broke any laws or rules creating this mod. If you want to use it as a resource for your own mod, you have my permission for all, but please tell me ( email: ) , and send or link or show me your finished mod. Thank you all.

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AOEIII more exciting but still fair game mod 1.0

AOEIII more exciting but still fair game mod 1.0

Full Version

This mod by Adam Karácsony changes various game rules. See File/Full Details for more info.

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