Hello AoE fans! Wars of Liberty is a free fan modification for Age of Empires III. WoL brings 24 new civilizations, dozens of new maps, natives, music, and more. The team has worked hard to ensure that each civilization has its own unique gameplay that will turn Age of Empires III into a great new RTS experience. Choose a Religion and gain access to new units, technologies, and the ability to gather and spend our unique faith resource. Spy on your enemies and destroy them without building a single military unit with the redone Espionage system. Break lategame stalemates with the powerful Great War Age. And enjoy it all with more than 50 new Random Maps, new Natives for Latin America and Africa, new music, and much, much more.

Report RSS How to install Wars of Liberty (Mac/Linux/non-windows OS)

Anyone who does not have windows, use this guide with wineskin to install wars of liberty. Work done was accomplished by UnstoppableStreletsy. Pm me with any queations on this tutorial here so I can answer them as soon as possible. You need a working steam account and copy of aoe3 the complete collection. The work done to make this possible couldnt have been done without wine hq or the clever software of the wotta team. Disc users can improvise on this based on thier knowledge of wine.

Posted by on - Intermediate Installers

As you may have read, I did a guide months ago showing how to install wol on a mac copy of aoe3 using a manual installation. This time around installing wol is the easy part but installing aoe3 is the tedious part. If you are using a operating system other than mac, be forewarned that I have not tested wol there yet. As long as you can run wine you can play wol. Next I will focus on bringing multiplayer beyond lan to wol (gameranger on wine is useless btw).

Which operating systems will support this installation method (mac is the only definite/ will need users of the operating systems listing to test this and report it back here in comments)

    • Mac Osx (any version that works with wine)
    • Linux
    • Solaris
    • FreeBSD
    • read here for more Wiki.winehq.org
    What you will need:
    1. warsoflibertysetup1.01setup.exe and warsoflibertyupdater.jar (Installer) (Updater)
    2. steam account
    3. bcm1043.exe (get here Downloads.dddwnld.com)
    4. wineskin winery app (get here Wineskin.urgesoftware.com)
    5. steamsetup.exe (get here Store.steampowered.com)
    6. aoe3 complete collection on steam
    7. latest adobe flashplayer.exe
    8. game ranger.exe
    9. open wineskin winery and download the WS9Wine1.7.50 engine, and the latest wrapper (Wineskin-2.6.2)
    10. create a new blank wrapper and call it what ever you like (if you get a prompt to install a package install them)
    11. open your new wrapper and install the steamsetup.exe under "install software"
    12. do not open steam yet
    13. go to advanced then winetricks (make sure winetricks is updated)
    14. run the following winetricks on your new wrapper here (d3dx9_36, dsound, msxml4, mfc42, directmusic, mfc40) and follow the prompts
    15. install bcm1043.exe on your wrapper
    16. go to the directory drive_c/Program Files/BCM/Codecs/DIRECTS/Fraunhofer/
    17. copy the 13codecx.ax and paste in the system 32 folder inside windows on drive c
    18. change screen settings to a virtual desktop
    19. open steam and get your account set up (when the desktop opens click the steam icon quick or desktop will close)
    20. install aoe3m

additional steps if you want multiplayer:

  1. go to install software and install the adobe flash.exe
  2. go to tools in the wineskin window and then config utility
  3. go to the libraries tab
  4. type "dnsapi.dll in the new override for library textbox
  5. press add
  6. go to the existing overrides, scroll down and click on dnsapi(native)
  7. click edit
  8. select windows(native) and click ok
  9. click ok on the config
  10. install the gameranger.exe and log in
  11. close gameranger but do not log out
  12. go back to config and make sure d3dx9_36 is the override used now under windows(natives)


side notes:

if aoe3 claims 13codecx.ax is not installed ignore it and continue to run

multiplayer is up in the air still

some songs might sound buggy/scratchy (only 2 so far)

everything works; music, taunts, ai's maps, civs, ai hotfix etc

additional references


Drive.google.com Link to my pre-made wine wrapper and files you might need all together in one convenient zip file for you.

Ai's not doing anything? Click Here to find out what Civs have working AI


OK for some reason I can't get on your website at Wotta.com.br. Is it down or unreachable in Australia?

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Also, I'm on PC and installed the mod a little while ago. Tried to play normal AOE3 and got an error saying a file was missing. So I run the verify game cache thing on steam.

Normal AOE3 runs perfect now, but WOL's now the one that broke. From what I can tell the verifying only changed the installscript.vdf file and the steam_appid text file.

Is there anything I can do to fix it outside of reinstalling AOE3 AND the mod? Because, like I said, I'm in Australia and we have really bad internet. That means I'd have to leave my computer running for about twenty hours to download the game and mod.

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UnstoppableStreletsy Author

Theres nothing you can do outside of reinstalling the mod and game. Make sure this time that you play the game once before installing the mod and also be sure the mod installs to your bin folder or a copy of it. If that advice doesnt solve the problem then i would try another computer.

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_RedHawk Creator

That version of the Website is down and the new forum is here

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_RedHawk Creator
_RedHawk Reply Good karma+1 vote

there is no BCM FILE

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UnstoppableStreletsy Author

Did you check the winehq site? You might have to look in the section for aoe3 disc to find the link. You only need the bcm if you need to access the codec needed.

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