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Anno Domini 0.92 is a mod which is aiming toward a realistic gameplay. It is still in a "beta" stage but it's completely playable and it was playtested for some weeks by some dedicated players. So CTDs are still possible but we haven't hear of irrecoverable ones still (alas the savegames were usable to continue the campaign).
Installation need you to being able to use the modswitch feature of MTW2, no automatic installation is already present (it will in the future).

- Bigger map elaborated from one made by Spurius.

- 191 Provinces with correct names and owners at the date of 1080. So for example Antioch would be Byzantine even if with the new distance from capital modifiers it tends to rebel in the very first turns (historically correct and I'm pretty pleased of it). This would make happy eastern-lover players as they'll have all the provinces of Kievan Rus (it splitted starting from 1116 not 1080).
- rebel forces representing tribes and minor powers added, rebel faction renamed Lesser Factions to reflect the new concept.

- inclusion of Darth Vader Lite Mod 1.1

- introduction of Orientis VnV fix

- both you and the AI can recruits generals from castles, fortresses and citadels (a more elaborate system is being under working).

- events replaced correctly in the bigger map.

- crusade/jihad targets have autogarrison scripts for more epic sieges (to be extended to other strategic cities).

- growth and income rates rebalanced.


The basic principle of Anno Domini is reaching your victory conditions without angering too much the other factions. It is based on your
global reputation which can be controlled on the Diplomatic Screen of the game. The worse your global reputation is the more the other factions
will be happy to declare war on you. The worse your global reputation is the more disloyal your generals and family members will become too.
In short words none will trust you.

What decreases your global reputation:

- Invading a settlement. If the settlement was owned by a faction of your same religion the reputation hit will be far greater.

- Having faction leader and other named characters with poor command, loyalty/authority, chivalry and piety. Buildup wisely your family members and
generals. A dreadful general can win battles but can make you very hated all around the world.

- All other transgression like walking with troops in foreign ground without permission, undeclared attacks, etc (same things than in Vanilla).

- Sign an alliance with factions of opposite faiths. Do it at your peril!

- Being excommunicated

- Suffer a crushing loss

- Loosing a battle with even, good or crushing odds

- Winning a battle with good or crushing odds

What increases your global reputation:

- Royal titles

- Have your faction winning a crusade/jihad

- Having faction leader and other named characters with good command, loyalty/authority, chivalry and piety.

- Have a crushing victory

- Winning a battle with awful, bad or even odds

- Loosing a battle with awful or bad odds

IMPORTANT NOTE: The recommended difficulty level is "medium", experienced players can switch to "very hard" for the battles.


Owning some regions gives your faction leader, TILL HIS DEATH, some royal titles. Of course you cannot acquire a royal title owned by another faction
until its leader die (naturally... or not, you got the point ;>).

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Anno Domini 0.92 Mod

Anno Domini 0.92 Mod

Player Skin 1 comment

Anno Domini 0.92 is a mod which is aiming toward a realistic gameplay.

Anno Domini 0.9 Light Version

Anno Domini 0.9 Light Version

Multiplayer Map

Before releasing the "full version" of Anno Domini mod this is a light version aimed to people who want to play Vanilla style.

Tallestdavid - - 975 comments

is there rekins of units? byzantine wise?
or strickly gameplay wise?

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