Hell has broken loose once again! As before, you're the only one who can send the demons back to where they belong. Face 16 challenging levels, divided into 4 distinct episodes with custom monsters, weapons, textures, music and heavy action! Using GZDoom, you can expect a large amount of features that were never possible with the original game like slopes, scripts, fog, 3D-floors and many more things that will significantly alter the experience you had with the vanilla version of Doom II.

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Endhack says

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This is cool I liked it and thought the boss fight was nice I wish there where more levels though I think the rocket zombies fit right in with all the vanilla enemies the levels looked huge at first and were all easy to navigate i can't wait for episode two


Forsete says

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The maps just reeks of atmosphere and some absolutely great level design. It's a bit stingy in ammo in certain spots so you have to conserve a bit if you want to bring down the hellspawn but you don't have to worry too much as there's often a box of shells or bullets around the corner.

Unfortunately, the worst part is easily the boss fight at the end. All in all I just found it frustrating as all hell and leaves a bitter aftertaste on an otherwise great wad.


Nipless says

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