The story is pretty basic. It's about escaping from a place where you have woken up. Also, there's some jumpscares, and some scares which is not 100% relevant to the story/environment. But this is our first Custom Story and we wanted to try different things/scares out just to test it and to see how we can experiment with different functions.

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Just meeh

Positives: The mapping is great at some point and you know how to use lever scripts

Negatives: when you look at the ceiling it will hurt your eyes i never saw so many glitches on a ceiling :€

Too many jumpscares

Monster spawning infront of you
(Why is it so dificult to let them spawn in the next corridor?)

Pls no jumpscares in the future

My review is in the comment area :)


Stupid, ugly, no sense, no story, jumpscares, just key door....
Just ridiculously ugly!
2\10 for me.. sorry!

If you guys didn't see, the author actually said this was a school project AND their first Custom Story created ever.
I don't think you should be too rude when you criticize, everyone have had their first time right?

There's some misstakes here and there of course, but for being their first CS ever I think this is good, even if the jumpscares are a little bit over used.

In the future, focus more on the atmosphere and spend more time on the mapping to make it feel scary around the player and make scares that does not involve things popping up right in front of you.

I did at least enjoy this Custom Story, and I give it a 7/10, just because it's your first one.


- Good level design at some places
- Custom sounds
- Creativity


- Floating objects, glitches and lame mapping at certain places
- Short
- Nothing but jumpscares
- No real story line except "you must get out" which is overused
- Monsters spawned infront of my face
- The exploding part made no sense

What to improve:

- You guys are very creative, but a lot of items are floating in the air, a lot of textures are glitchy (colliding with each other), and certain parts are just lame. Like when you crawl through a tunnel and see a level door at the end of it.

- Don't use only jumpscares. I am so used to them so I did not get scared even once, but I'm sure a lot of people were by the first 1-3 jumpscares, but eventually even scared players gets used to them.

- Make something else rather than the same old "you wake up at an unknown place, you must get out".

-"Read Nicholas notes, he will tell you where to go". Found 2 notes from him, and none of them really told me what to do.


It's just another jumpscare feast with lame scares and monsters spawning infront of your face. Some people said "the scripting is good". I barley saw any scripting except the quests and jumpscares. And it's not very surprising when the script files are 1-8KB huge at most.

The difference between this story and other lame jumpscare stories is the level design. Sadly though, I found a lot of floating items and texture glitches.

It's simply a bad story, not more, not less.

3/10 - Bad


There were too many jumpscares for my taste. Some where good but it got pretty old pretty fast.

But those are some nice maps you have there, the scripting too. Very well done.

The story seemed pretty interesting but it was so short I can't really say much on it so I hope there will be some sort of continuation later on. So an 8/10 for those wonderful maps and scripting.


Great! Has good jump scares and map design is nice! 10/10 im also doing a LP on it (2-10-14 is the date im posting this) channel link is here vid will be up shortly


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