You are Mikael Subero, an explorer for around 7 years later. You woke up in an apartment upon a mansion, a storage and a castle. You can't go back.

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KrustiClawn says

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*This review is for the Alpha/Demo version of the mod*


- You added light rays
- Hints if you missed quest objects


- Pretty much no story at all. The little story you made is poorly written
- A lot of copy paste
- Poor level design
- Lack of creativity
- Can barely hear the voice actor
- Almost no scripting at all
- Each map is around 10-20 seconds long

When I play a demo, I want to feel like "Wow, this looks promising, can't wait for the finished version." I did not feel that way with this mod.

Tell me if I'm wrong, but based on the levels and voice actor, this comes off as a little kid attempting to create a mod without any practise what so ever before hand.

I don't think it's 1/10 for the simple reasons that you did add hints and lightning, which most mods like this one don't do. That surprised me actually, and it seems like you at least tried, and as long as you try and you're not trolling, I think it's a plus point personally.

Despite the low quality of the mod, I can see a light in the end of the tunnel. When I first began modding many years ago, this is the type of mod I would make. I didn't upload them though, but I started like this and kept on learning and learning and eventually, with a lot of practise, I managed to make mods the community liked quite a lot.

So don't give up, okay? I would suggest you keep this mod for yourself as a learning experience though, and practise more before you upload something.

2/10 - Very bad

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