You vaguely remember where and when you've met horrible, dark disasters. You're looking for answers, but they're all so distant from you. Your name is Daniel, you are from Mayfair, London. Those are just memories from the past. You need to stop all this insanity for once and for all!

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KrustiClawn says

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First off before I get into the review itself, when downloading it, I had the option to install it like a regular custom story because you included a custom story version. However, the installation did not explain this. I had to search around and find it myself. Why is this? No one wants to merge a mod with the original game and then have to verify game cache to uninstall your mod. Make the custom story version more obvious, or turn this into a regular full conversion

Now onto the review.


- Level design is neat
- A lot of creativity


- Storyline is lackluster
- Voice acting was completely useless
- A lot of flaws (read further down)

Level design: 7/10

Found several texture glitches and the otuside maps were... meh. Poor lightning, no backgrounds (for example, the village had like, 1 tree line and nothing but emptiness behind them), a skybox and fog not matching (having a pitch black sky and very bright, white fog does not look good. They need to match) and overall not that well done. However, the inside maps are above average. A lot of creativity was shown here. The greenhouse even impressed me. Lovely idea.

Story: 3/10

I loved how it started. Daniel's life before he met Alexander. However, this quickly dropped and it wen't to being original amnesia for some reason. Daniel had flashbacks about events he hadn't experienced yet and it ends with an inner sanctum of all places.

And what confused me the most was the voice acting. The fact that you used a voice program does not bother me. What bothers me is: It's Daniel talking... with a different voice... like, you see how this makes no sense whatsoever? It would be better not to have voice acting at all.

However, I did like the flashbacks he had about deaths, London and so on.

Music & sounds: 4/10

Lack sounds and during times when the music stopped, it was silent because you didin't add ambience. I heard music quite often and it fits the enviroments well so it's not bad, but you need to add ambience and more sounds overall.

Puzzles: 6/10

Very similiar to the main game, but is slightly above average because keys for example were at unexpected places (but still not too hard to find).

Creativity: 7/10

Found some optinal things which is always a plus. Level design sure has its fair share of creativity as well, but storyline is too mediocre for it to be above a seven.

Bugs, glitches & other flaws: 5/10

Found no gamebreaking bugs, so good job on that. However, I found several texture glitches, the waxroll I put inside a phonograph wouldn't play anything for some reason, and the monsters would often spawn very close to me. I could sometimes even see the grunt spawn right infront of me, fully visible.

A couple of autosaves would be nice to see as well.


Level design in the outside maps are somewhat mediocre, but other than that, it has a lot of creativity in them and you even showed me things I, after playing hundreads of mods, haven't seen before.

The story is bad though. You started on something very interesting but quickly dropped it and used nothing but plots from the original game. It's not a 1/10 because you were clear about this and don't claim you made your own unique storyline, but regardless of that, it's very lacklusting.

5/10 - Average

More work put into the outside maps, more ambience and flaws fixed can make this mod a 7/10 at least, but to be among the 9-10/10 mods, it needs a better plot.


KiraImmortal says

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it shows interesting ideas here and there (the trenches flashback for example was nice) but the design the story and the atmosphere are all lacking a bit. also the full conversion environment was poorly done, i had to modify it myself to be isolated. the realism in this mod is almost nonexistent, houses are much bigger inside than from the outside and the enviroment doesn't feel like a real place. i see the effort though, and i appreciate what you did all in all with voice acting and everything. 5/10, better luck next time, some improvement on the general quality overall, come up with a better story unlike the original amnesia (and not connected to it) and you'll be good to go!


Ethosaur says

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A fine mod for Amnesia, if you want expand on the chilling experiences of Amnesia, I highly suggest playing this!

It has many nice puzzles, tense moments and interesting areas to explore, along with a story that has been intertwined into the original story of amnesia (Like a prequel)


anastasia.callas says

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Great mod


pepala says

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