An audio-visual mod to make Amnesia: The Dark Descent look and sound like a PS1 game.

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Para∩oia says

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This is rock! Feels like you are playing some 3d games on PSX :)


florian. says

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Nothing much to say. The mod does exactly what it says and even more.

There are the most noticeable changes like the shaders, the fog and low render distances. Which very convincingly simulate the PS1 era graphics. But what I really like are the small touches like the fov, the hand model not moving, the downsampled sounds, bigger fonts, the startup splash screens and the startup sound of the PS1 console, changed menu screen and so on.

But the best thing that nailed the mod and really put everything together is the soundtrack. It's just amazing. It's really well done to the point where I have some of the tracks in my music playlist. It uses sounds very similiar to the ones that were used back in the day, it sounds really nostalgic and most importantly you can still tell exactly what song has been remade, staying very true to the original.

Overall 10/10.
Easy installation, does what it has promised, runs great, it's really polished and the amount of work that must have gone into it is above impressive. Good job.

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