Cornelius Campbell, publicly known by his stage name "The Amazing Alduin", is a world famous magician whose career is heading towards a halt. The theaters that will hire him grow ever smaller in size and although the crowd still claps it's but a painful reminder of his former greatness. The crowd has seen it all and Cornelius is prepared to do whatever it takes to make the crowd cheer in awe again. Cornelius sees an opportunity to restore his former success when an item of peculiar origins appears at an auction held in his home town of Colorado Springs.

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well.. where do i start. i've been watching this mod since the earliest screens, but visually, it exceeded all my expectations still. the long years of development can really be seen in the details :) the gameplay started out with pretty basic puzzles but as more and more of the custom assets and awesome ideas showed up i was pretty confident i'll enjoy this mod until the last second. the atmosphere was so damn amazing!

and i was actually right.. though the last chapter was the least favourite of them all with its linearish progression and barely any reward for exploration, and the story could have been crafted a little better at points, i cannot give this mod anything but a 10/10. the custom assets fit so much into amfp's elements it's unbelievable, and i don't think i've seen a package of models like these in a while either. the mod feels a lot like amfp, it focuses a lot more on atmosphere, story and exploration than the monster encounters, but here the balance is much better and the outcome is as creepy as it should be. however i need to admit the hitbox of the ghost lady was ******* annoying :D

all i all i think i will rate this mod the mod of the year too, since while i played a lot of good mods this year, none had such shown potential, originality and catching atmosphere as this. i think i also reported you all the smaller bugs i found. one last big up, the framerate!! i don't think i've had this stable framerate in any mod of this detail. finally someone who didn't try to force large levels and realized this fits amnesia the best.

great job! i really hope you'll make another one in the future, you can think in a smaller project too it's far less of a burden :)

This mod really has Magic in it, it is one of the best Amnesia mods I've ever played. The level of detail in this mod is just out of this world - I'd say the mod looks even better than the main game itself.
Great use of color palette, lighting, custom particles and sounds. All of it created one of the most beautiful, immersive and creepy atmosphere I've seen in the HPL2 engine. The pacing for this mod was 10/10.
Also, this is the only Amnesia mod I didn't want to skip any of it's notes. That shows how good the story is.
Your 3 years of hard work are really paying it off.

- Great and Interesting story
- Great atmosphere
- Creepy as hell
- Great voice acting
- Some uniqe puzzles

- The mod ended very suddenly with a bit of a rushed feeling.
- Some maps are a bit too linear
- Story did not shed enough light on the fate of Cornelius Campbell, it kind of just left him there.
- Most of the entites are static for some reason.

Congratulations on your mod. I hope I will be able to finish my SOMA mod within 3 years, too.
Speaking of which, I'm kinda curious to see your skill with the hpl3 engine, but I guess that's something for another day.
Also, if you want, you can join the one and only Discord server of Frictional Games. PM me if you want invitation link!


Slanderous says

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There was a time when people would dub Amnesia as "a dead game". They would say that modders don't do good stuff anymore. But, in late 2017, Reminiscity released his bona-fide masterpiece. The mod feels as though it breathes new life into this game; if you feel like this is yet another one of those "haunted house rollercoaster rides", get your brains checked. Amadeus is an unparalleled magnificence, being not only a "mod", but also a wealth of HPL2 Engine knowledge for modders to study upon. THIS is what a mod should look and feel like. Extremely detailed, carefully crafted levels, logical gameplay, unique storyline - this game has it all. Puzzles are great; they're difficult, but fair and consistent. Rather than using a bunch of items on other props all the time, you will find yourself arranging some lightbulbs into the shape of The Big Dipper, replaying a piano melody based on a phonograph recording (freaking sick!) and detaching your spirit away from your body. Literally.

I feel like I could write more, but there's not really much more to say. This is my new personal favorite, and I'm sure I'll be playing it over and over throughout the years to follow. This mod is bananas and Reminiscity rules for not only being an amazingly talented modder, but also a cool and helpful guy.

Mod of the year for me, definitely.

I think I forgot to mention something... Oh yeah, it's also ******* SCARY!


What can I say about this?? All that really comes to mind is how blown away I am. This honestly might be one of the best Amnesia TDD mods of all time, which is hefty praise considering that I've played close to 150 of them over the years.

First of all, the story is simply fantastic. Well written, creative, voice acted notes and has some creepy af lore. Just reading some of the notes was enough to send shivers down my spine. Excellent stuff, easily one of the best story lines I've seen in any of these mods. Its got quite a nice length to it as well, clocking it at about 5 hours for me, but didn't drag on or suffer from pointless padding.

In terms of atmosphere it doesn't get much get much better than this. This developer managed to keep me on the edge of my seat from the time i hit "new game" till the credits rolled. The amazing custom soundtrack and almost perfect pacing and level design combine to make this one of the most immersive and fear inducing Amnesia mods I've ever played. Scary moments are crafted through good game design and mechanics instead of cheap jumpscares, which is refreshing change from a lot of these mods. Monster encounters were unpredictable for the most part which is a good thing,(they become a bit more frequent and predictable in the second half, but not to the point where it felt like monster spam)and the new monsters are a refreshing change while fitting nicely with the plot. I also liked the idea of removing tinderboxes, laudanum and sanity potions. I simply felt it allowed the mod to feel more focused, not making me feel like I always had to check every nook and cranny for resources.

Puzzle design was another thing done very well here. None of the puzzles felt like filler and they were all very creative, yet fair and intuitive. I (someone who is not good at puzzles) only got somewhat stuck once (piano puzzle) but never felt frustrated. In fact some of them were simply fun to solve and work through, which again, is something few mods are able to pull off. I also encountered no significant bugs or glitches, which is another plus.


+ Amazing story, one of the best I've seen in one of these mods

+ Incredible atmosphere and plenty of scary moments

+ New monsters are well implemented and used sparingly

+ Visuals and audio are both 11/10

+ Creative and interesting puzzles

+ No significant bugs or glitches

- Monster encounters get a bit predictable in the second half and the enemies are pretty easy to avoid in most of them.

Overall:10/10. Masterpiece, one of the best Amnesia mods I've ever seen and one that deserves more recognition than this near dead community can give it. So spread the word. Play this mod yourself and then tell your friends, talk about it on social media, anything to get the word out there that this amazing game exists and get people to play it!!

Brilliant, this was really brilliant. It definitely was worth the wait!

:The level design was truly breath taking!
:The music was really fitting to the areas and the events.
:Custom new puzzles and gameplay, that's always a huge plus!
:The enemy encounters were well done, it definitely gave me the Goosebumps.
:The pacing, everything was just well constructed.

This mod definitely deserves a high rating for all the hard work you've put into this and definitely was wroth the wait.

This gets a Mod of the year vote from me.


This is such a brilliant, meticulously well put together MOD that I am speechless! If anyone asks me - this is better than the real Amnesia games put together! And then some!
This is a MUST play in my book and that is not something I say often, because I played a LOT of Amnesia MODs!


Best looking amnesia mod I've played so far. Level design is great, and the author really kinda teaches the player to be afraid of certain places in the mansion.
Puzzles are generally really good, but I had a lot of trouble with one involving a piano.


Amadeus - An Amnesia Full Conversion mod.

I just finished this now at the time of writing this, and all I can say is... incredible. Absolutely ******* incredible.
Without a shadow of doubt, the best Amnesia custom story I've ever played.

I'd go as far to say that this mod is far better than the original game; the gameplay, the puzzles, the enemies, the atmosphere, the voice acting, and sound effects were all on point. Especially the sound effects, they were at the right spots and the right time. Not ONCE did I feel safe, and I damn sure did pause the game in a few bits because I was shaking so much, especially at the last part, it was tense as hell along with the music.

All around there's nothing else I have to say about this mod other than the fact that I fully recommend that you give this mod a try. It's scary, and great, and only about 3-4 hours long.

Reminiscity I have to say few things.
I really can't believe that you made something like this.Dear God this isn't just some ordinary story,this has so much talent I think that you don't realize that you created ART not just game.
I'm playing this game for 7 years and I can't belive that you made something so Inspiring.
I completed all custom stories and of course this story is the best one.I think that you totally destroyed all of the other modders cause this will be something to remember.
Thank you so much for this story you made my life literally with this.
I have one custom story but I'm not a modder so if you are interested pm me and I will tell you.I think it will blow your mind.



zoomos says

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Amazing attention to detail and a fun play, didn't get stuck with any of the puzzles, time and patiences is all you need.


The sound that witch women thing made was scary as hell, and it was a a nice touch that really finished up the mod.

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well.. where do i start. i've been watching this mod since the earliest screens, but visually, it exceeded all my expectations still. the long years of development can really be seen in the details :) the gameplay started out with pretty basic puzzles but as more and more of the custom assets and awesome ideas showed up i was pretty confident i'll enjoy this mod until the last second. the atmosphere was so damn amazing! and i was actually right.. though the last chapter was the least favourite of…

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