All Under Heaven takes the game and transforms it into a Medieval Asian setting, in a period on the eve of the Mongol invasions of Asia, where the entire continent is about to be thrown into a period of warfare which will shape its history and determine the autonomy of many sovereign nations. In All Under Heaven, you may choose to control one of 15 nations from the start date of 1180 A.D. to the end date of 1280 A.D. Hundreds of new units, buildings, events, traits, ancillaries, and other features will bring the mystique and splendor of the Far East into your home.

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BeiWei Cavalry (Song Dynasty Unit)
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An armoured horse is a horse that will live longer, and the scarcity of horses means that maximizing the utilization of horses is a key element of Song military doctrine. Covered in iron lamellar and armed with lethal poleaxes, the BeiWei form the elite regiment of the Song's imperial cavalry, and also serves as a bodyguard to generals. Their tank-like attire means they have to operate as a hammer to the anvil or to protect vital points, unable to pursue common enemy cavalry forces effectively; but what they lack in mobility they make up for in shock value and pure weight of massed charge.

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