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This guide helps you add new trees to Wargus Campaign maps, but can also be useful for those interested in opening various existing maps and troubleshoot some problems. Works with Wargus 2.4

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Ok guys. For example, we want to convert a campaign map.

We go to Campaign/human, for example, and we see that every map has several files that go with it.

What we need is levelXXh.smp and levelXXh.sms

To access the map via Wargus Editor we need to copy the two files into the Wargus/Maps folder.

Then we need a text editor - I recommend Notepad++

1. Open the .smp and delete "DefineMapSetup("./campaigns/human/level01h_c.sms")". Save.

2. Open the .sms and check the "player configuration", look for strings like

"SetAiType(5, "hum-01")"

If there are strings that have ai name that looks like "hum-01", or "orc-orange", for example "SetAiType(5, "hum-01")", then you got to replace "hum-01" with "wc2-land-attack" (or find whatever works). Otherwise the editor will fail to recognize the ai type and crash. So the new string should look like

"SetAiType(5, "wc2-land-attack")"

3. Open the map in Wargus editor and carefully erase old wood, piece by piece. To do that, secect an appropriate land terrain brush.

When near the walls, the brush usually breaks them, so they have to be re-drawn.

4. Once the area has been freed, select the last player (which is critical). In the last page of the units list there are the four trees that occupy an area of 2x2. Draw your woods using these. Before the four 2x2 woods there are 4 individual trees - use those for beauty, or to fill gaps in your woods.

5. When finished, save the map. Open it in Notepad++ or whatever you use, and go to Search - Replace.

Find what: SetResourcesHeld(unit, 0)

Replace with: SetResourcesHeld(unit, 400)

This way you give 400 wood to every tree on map, hundreds of them.


6. Now take the sms file from the /Maps folder and copy to where you took it, like /Campaign/Human

Rename the old file to anything you like, rename the new file into the old file.

Open both in the editor and copy the "-- player configuration" part from the old file to the new one, bringing back the old ai types.

Save. Play the campaign.

Multiplayer Maps

Updated August 3rd 2016

Wargus has the following requirements for multiplayer maps:

  • Name must not contain spaces
  • The map must be put to the maps\ folder strictly

If the part about the maps\ folder was pretty easy to figure out, the part with spaces in file names was my recent finding.

Before finding this out, I accidentally fixed my Ponyville map by doing the steps listed below, so I thought they were the reason. However, the coincidence was I deleted the only space when saving those maps. I'll anyway keep these steps, since they are the fail-safe method of converting single-player maps to multiplayer.

1. Make sure any neutral unit used for decoration purposes belongs to player-15 in the editor.

2. Delete all units belonging to any players. Start locations cannot be deleted.

3. Go to player properties and turn all players into "nobody"

4. Save the map.

5. Open the map, edit player properties in the menu - should only contain empty slots. Reserve the number of player slots you neeed, specify they're "persons"

6. For every player added, put the start location (which is not in the units list, but the separate one, that looks like a cross), add a peasant and, if needed, the basic building.

7. Save the map into the default maps\ folder

8. To play online, both players must have the map in their Wargus\maps folder

Please note, that if the map is for, say, 3 players, and there are two persons who want to play, then the third player will be a pretty highly motivated AI - no way to disable that for now.

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