Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Some things in this game are different from what I see in the
A. Alien Quake takes place fifty years after the second movie, so things
have changed on the planet, obviously. It is a new colony, so although
some buildings may have similar designs, there are notable differences.
Other things, such as weapon strengths, etc have been altered to improve
gameplay. When designing Alien Quake, we almost always chose gameplay
over movie specs.

Q. Will there be more episodes?
A. Yes!

Q. I thought that the Nostromo was to be the first level!
A. That was the original plan, but it didn't make sense as far as the
episode went, so it was later designated the secret level.

Q. Can the Aliens climb walls?
A. At this time they cannot climb walls, but this may change in a later

Q. How were the textures for the monsters, weapons and levels created?
A. Many of the new textures were created directly from the movies. In fact
the textures for most of the aliens were created from the picture of the
alien sticking it's head through the transport's door just before it got
it's head blown off! A lot of blending and pasting was involved.

Q. How did you guys team up for this project?
A. Basically through a common love of the Alien series, and the creative
desire to modify Quake, the most awesome game ever created! There have
been many members since the beginning, but only three have stuck through
to the bloody end!

Q. Are you guys gonna team up for other episodes or projects?
A. At this time the prognosis is pretty good for at least one more episode,
maybe two, and possible some other projects.



John Diamond

Gustav Tax‚n

Dave Wallin


The Beginning

Start: Introduction -- by Gustav Tax‚n

Return to LV-426 (episode 1)

Alien0: Storage Bays -- by Dave Wallin
Alien2: Power Station -- by Dave Wallin
Alien3a: Containment Area -- by Dave Wallin
Alien3b: Alien Extermination -- by Dave Wallin
Alien3c: The Garage -- by Gustav Tax‚n
Alien4: The LV-426 Medlab -- by Gustav Tax‚n
Alien5: Discharge Tunnels -- by John Diamond
Alien6: Central Command -- by John Diamond
Alien7: Entering the Lower Ducts -- by John Diamond
Alien8: Waste Disposal -- by John Diamond
Alien9: Alien Hive! -- by John Diamond

Secret level: CTV The Nostromo -- by Gustav Tax‚n
Deathmatch: The 20th Century Complex -- by Gustav Taxen

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Alien Quake

Alien Quake

Full Version

This is Alien Quake Version 1.1, which was the final updated version released. The update released had fixed some minor bugs in the initial release of...

OSJC alien-quake weapon model fix add-on

OSJC alien-quake weapon model fix add-on

Patch 1 comment

JUST PASTE PROGS AND SOUND FOLDERS INTO YOUR ALIEN QUAKE FOLDER. the pistol, pulserifle, minigun , flamer and shotty now all have replacement models...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 14)

anymore updates?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I would seriously doubt you'll see anymore for this again. the mod's as old as the hills and I certainly have nothing else in store for it on my end so... yeah I'd say its done.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

how to load this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

first you need quake1 installed with an appropriate sourceport (preferably quakespasm, you could use darkplaces but it'll make the game impossibly darker than it already is.)
then make a new folder in the quake main directory called 'alien'

copy everything in the 'alien quake' folder in the zip into your new 'alien' folder.

load quakespasm

bring down the console and type; game alien

then get on it!

oh yeah, will mention now, to fire a lightling flare bind a key (f maybe?) to impulse 20. (type bind f "impulse 20" in the console")
this will fire off a flare at the cost of one cell-ammo whenever you press the f key. you WILL need this believe me...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

what about the files of demo 1,2 an 3, GFX.WAD, Progs.dat an S0.SAV?

do they all stay outside of the four folders?

it works for vkquake. great job.

im at like the third level i think with the trap of 4 aliens. what am i suppose to do?

can i type the commands in properties of quake in the target line?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

cool, you using my weapon skin pack too ;) ?

as for alien extermination' map, use the grenade launcher on the pulse rifle. (weapon select 5) its the best way to waste 'em!
just remember you need to re-select grenade mode (press 5 again) after each shot as it will go back to rifle mode...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

yeah i used the new patch update. looks cool.

so how do i get out of the pool? or is that a trap?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

nah the exit is about down there. sling a load of nades down the shaft to obliterate the xenos.
jump down and pulserifle any stragelers. now, go towards the bit that looks like a door sticking up out of the water.
its actually an open vent cover. one side of it has a tunnel opening just under the water surface.
you navigate through underwater to the exit.

oh, just fyi Ive re-uploaded my add-on patch again to include a new pistol and the missing flamer world-model skin. you might enjoy...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i just finally beaten it, lol. took me awhile. im sure the kill count doesn't matter? i think i got all the levels including the secret level.

great job.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

nvm i fixed it but still curious how to run game on darkplaces mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

you can do it but its even darker than on the glquake render... lol
you'll likely run out of flares before you finish the second map ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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