the mod is based on macedonian empire of alexander the great , we're bringing the macedonian empire into calradia , now it's upto you if you help alexander to conquer calradia or build your own empire , it's completely upto you ....

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okay guys we're a small team of new modders making a mod on Alexander the great , we will try to be as accurate as possible and are continuously working on the mod first it'll be out as beta version before the final release
Our team main members :
Bannermod ( project manager , 3d modeller )
lakediamonios ( xml , 3d modeller)
Easton-III ( xml )
Acardboardbox ( 3d modeller)
for more informations,previews and suggestions fell free to join our discord.

Guest - - 693,236 comments

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KreZ2445 - - 49 comments

if guys can nail down pike phalanx... u will be men amongst boys

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KreZ2445 - - 49 comments

Wow been waiting for such a long time for a mod like this. Assuming you will show the Hypastis as shield and spear? Make sure u include the arogonians as bad *** skirmishes and besides the obvious companion cav you include the Thessalian cav which were amazing just below the calories mpanionan cav

So not a overhaul mod but a faction reskin?

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bannermodde Creator
bannermodde - - 24 comments

It will be a faction overhaul, yea.

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sgk1021 - - 41 comments

If you're going to build a Persian army, don't refer to Alexander's film. The persians in the movie are a mess in history.

For you, I brought some illustrations of the Osprey Warrior book series.
The other series of Osprey Warrior books are not very reliable, but I can tell you that the illustrations in this book are historically the most accurate.

And I brought some pictures of other illustrations and figures for you.
persian infantry
1 persian archer
( He appears to be a high-ranking archer, given his colorful and expensive tunic.)
2 persian kardakar(hoplite)
( After losing the Persian War, the Persians gradually changed their military equipment to the Greek style. he wear a red tunic, Greek armor and a median hood. )
3 satrapal infantry man
(t is an infantryman who appears to be from the Persian satrapal army. )

There's one thing you need to know.
The Sparabara, which had been at the forefront of the Persian War since the Persian War, were gradually replaced by kardakars after the Persian War.
And by Alexander's time, only Persian kardakars remained on the front line.
persian immortals
(The cloak that looked like a coat was called kyndis(Ancient Iranian called kantuš )
They wrapped colorful silk clothes over their scale armor and Armed with a Greek shield and sword. )
darius III
(From the middle of the Persian War, kings changed their clothes from Persian traditional robes to Median tunics. )
royal immortals standard bearer
( This flag holder holds the Persian imperial symbol. He must have a high rank because he was dressed in a color similar to the king's. )

royal immortals hazarapatis(commander of the thousand man)
(The king's guards and his aides are said to have dressed in the same color as the king. )
persian light cavalrys
( Like the immortals, they wore colorful clothes and kyndis capes over scale armour. )
persian heavy cavalry and chariots
persian heavy cavalry

(The Persian heavy cavalry became thicker and heavier after the Persian War.
The horse were wrapped in horse-armour from the skitai. And the rider wore heavy body armor and arm armor and wore Greek helmets and kyndis.

They were specialized in breaking through the sides of the enemy line or breaking down weak phalanx.)

Paintings of other Persian armies from Alexander's time.

The reason why many Persian soldiers use Greek equipment in the picture is that many of them have been Greekized since the Persian War.
After the Persian War, a civil war broke out in Persia, and many Hoplite mercenaries moved to Persia. (This is because Persian satraps paid a high price. )
In the Persian satraps' army, the Hoplites were increasingly high. And the Persian army also came to be the same as the Hoplites.

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Sneaky_EggPlant - - 252 comments

These are good

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bannermodde Creator
bannermodde - - 24 comments

Thanks dude , for now mostly focusing on alexander and makedonians but yeah I've plans for persians and indians too.

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panzerschreck120 - - 27 comments

that's a great project, a lot of people will be interested in! keep up the good work!

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