A mod with a bit high difficulty, less ammo, health etc. It forces the player to act in a tactical way even in relatively easy maps, having to aim for the head to save ammo and administrate the inventory. The mod counts with 9 weapons, besides the fists, a knife, bandages and the Classic BFG that remains unmodified. Weapons have a very notorious recoil that forces the player to aim or fire in short bursts to increase precision The player also bleeds and has to resort to cover the wounds with bandaging (slot 8) or directly prevent the bleeding by wearing new armors from time to time Manual action weapons like the shotgon or the bolt action rifle needs to be operated manually with the Secondary Fire button And a similar system for reloading, starting the reload with the Reload button and inserting the mag with the Secondary Attack

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DustedPandemonic says

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Hideous Destructor but fun

Jokes aside, this is actually a really good spin on a tactical Doom mod. It's hard as nails, it has a bit of jank (which just makes it more unique tbh), but still feels fair. Would be really awesome once it has more interesting weapons like grenade launchers and plasma weapons.


JFH999 says

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Very challenging and engaging, like hideous destructor but slightly easier (and better IMO).
Great mod!


Thorir says

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Sheer awsomeness. This mod provides a new or at least very rarely seen aspect of Doom. It's hard, but it's fair and has a very special atmosphere due to the realistic gunplay and tactical features.


BlastJim says

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excelente mod, este mod es parecido al hideos destructor pero mucho mas mejor, las armas son muy buenas, la dificultad me encanta, effectos geniales, sin duda este mod cumple sus expectativas si se puede decir asi nose xd como sea muy buen mod, A LABURAR A LO NEGRO

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