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Scotch and Coffee Video Review

The thing is such a nice idea, executed so badly, its probably one of the worst mods I've played. The level design is shabby, its all so simple that you don't think of any of these places as real places but vacuum dimensions created by some weird *** god. Its got some new textures but they are used in a rudimentary way, the lighting is pretty much bog standard, where there are no shadows... and there is no combat to speak of. The mods good idea relies on "accidentally" killing evil men. Of course its not accidental but made to look as though it is. Only 1 of 3 of your targets have any friends that you would need to look innocent in front of. I would presume that if they where murdered their superiors (they are supposed to be gangster) would get suspicious and thus hell would reign in those cities it happened so it makes sense.

The problem is this idea is squandered in such a way, that only few times I've bared witness to such wasted potential. Even if someone "accidentally" dies you'd think everyone would be shocked. But no they all stand idly bye without so much as a gaze or muted shock.

That pretty much says what I feel, nothing but indifference to this mod.

Poorly executed Idea


Okay let me come clean on this one before I vomit.
Good idea for a mod
That's all!
Appalling level design
bunches of empty rooms
poorly used textures
abysmal voice acting
stupid ways of killing people
the dumb gargantua scene
And overall, Accidental Assassin is just a dismaying mess! And what's so accidental? Most of these kills are so scripted and intentional!
3/10! (Hurls)

There is very little here, in fact, there is barely any gameplay involved.

Much of the mod is spent watching scripted events, which wouldn't have been so bad if the mod had more intuitive ways of "Accidentally" killing your targets.

Only give this a try if you truly are a die hard fan of experimental mods.

I though it would be a neat mod but it was actually quite stupid, it made no sense what to do. I sat at the end of the mod for 10 minutes trying to figure out what to do until I realized that the guy sliding out the window is the end


Worst mapping ever you could probably experience on ModDB. They also make no sense at all! Story is bad too. I haven't understood any part of it. NEVER AGAIN


Mind-bogginlgy bad.

A long row of negative rewievs wasn't quite enough for me to steer clear of this. No, there was a tingling bit of curiosity to strong for my own good.

When I started this I hoped there would at least be some sort of amusement, perhaps because of "So bad it's good" or otherwise. But the mod is not entertaining at all. It is dull and so poorly made that it doesn't fit into any videogame genre.

But what you gotta do, you gotta smell the roses along the way. So I spent some good minutes walking around trying to see something interesting, listening to a man's falsetto acting as a girl, listening to a man pretending to be russian, noclipping back and forth trying to find any sort of oddity that makes this mod unique. But there is none.

I felt like I was in a dollhouse belonging to a bizarre man-child playing with himself, not expecting anyone else but he to enjoy the moment.


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This is more like a map than a mod.

Poorly made mod, hard to navigate.

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