"To sum it up, if you still love Quake and consider yourself a master player - then you just HAVE to get this addon pack." - Nacho, Gameplex Reviewer (1998) This is a blast from the past! It was the last commercial add-on pack for Quake1 afaik... and nostalgia reigns! Turns out there is still a HUGE fanbase, and Abyss is still as popular as it ever was which brought a smile to my face. I'm making some time from a busy schedule to prep the mod for use on PocketPC which should be great considering how they are getting much faster and can actually handle Quake1 pretty well now. :D Give it a month or so, should be a no brainer. If you want more info about Abyss of Pandemonium, go check out the old Impel site (RIP) at *RIP: Impel Development Team Circa 1998* Alex "Cybermind" Redman Biz, Game Core Design, Programmer, Audio Aj "Crazed Fan" Greenlee Game Core Design, Concept Originator Ryan "Gribe" Mallen Game Core Design, Lead Programmer, QA Jamie...

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numbersix says

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Until a couple weeks back, I had no idea this mission pack even existed.

I played through Armagon and Dissolution several times. Both are excellent.

So far I have gone through the 6 maps of episode 1.
They are solid - this is an excellent follow up to mission packs 1 and 2.

On hard skill weapons, ammo, armor, and enemies are well balanced.

There is one thing I really like, however.


Whats that you ask?

Crates...some maps have enough crates.
Not since Doom have I seen many FPS maps with enough crates...

They say an army travels on its stomach.
When our boys (and girls) go afield, do you think those MREs pack themselves along?

Any dimensional invasion, hostile takeover, or marauding army is going to need supplies. And those supplies come in crates.

In fact, I took one point away from 10 because I could not find any crates that open!
However, I am still impressed by the crates represented on a few of the maps.

Logistics and attention to detail aside, this mission pack is worth your attention.
I feel most all FPS players will enjoy it.


NDgamer00 says

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A really good mission pack for Quake, new enemies and environments.


Valerie_Valens says

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This mission pack has a rough start with a tricky first level, but once you get past the first level, the challenge seems to balance itself out and provide some entertaining levels. I also like the inclusion of new weapons and enemy types, it keeps things fresh.


Zocker4ever says

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A blast from the past!
Difficult as hell (pun intended), very well crafted levels and a certainly evil soundtrack make this mod one of the best old school experiences ever.

I wish original Quake was like this.
And nobody will ever forget fighting Him.


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