You've heard stories of an abandoned, haunted mansion somewhere in the nearby forest. You go out and investigate, lantern in hand.

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Pretty damn good! Lots of exploration, descent map design, good monster placements. A funny oversight I encountered was that the grunt that spawns on the balcony, you don't have to jump down when he spawns, just a little oversight there. But generally, a pretty long and enjoyable experience. Ending was kind of weak, and there was a real lack of music in a lot of areas, but other than that, it was pretty good!


Not bad :)

-Big variety of items to use, nice puzzles
-Semi-good level desing most of the time

-Really strangely scaled objects
-Some areas were way too empty
-Weak and cliché storyline
-Absence of music in some areas

Storyline: ⁓

It was actually quite strange. Walk in to abandoned mansion, okay, cliché a bit. Storyline was very hard to follow, but at least it existed. 5/10

Level design: ✔

Level design was spot-on at some of the areas! Some areas, however, were very empty and lacking details. Otherwise, solid job! 8/10

Scare factor: ⁓

Mod was not that scary. Few nicely placed scares / events (the clock/grunt spawn in living quarters) but otherwise- not so scary, so 6/10

Puzzles: ✔

Very nice and detailed puzzles. Loved the non-lineariness at the beginning of the map, and vide item usage. Really good puzzles here! 9/10

This custom story was a meaning of "balanced".

Score: 7/10 - Good

This was a VERY creative CS that i really enjoyed playing. Anytime a Dev gets creative at any time in a story, i have to step back and wonder how they came up with something so cool. Great job in my opinion. I also know that i am very late in playing this CS, i can still hope you are making more Custom Stories. It would be a shame if you didnt. 8/10.

Nice custom dude! :D

I loved the music you chose to play, but I suggest that the rooms need to be filled with more items, and some of the maps were missing music.
but It was a nice short-ish story


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It is pointless to create all the large areas when there's practically nothing. And what is more, they are empty. This custom story had a simple storyline which may not be bad, but the large areas make the CS boring.


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