This is a Mod for Empire at war (I'm unsure which version, seeing as I have a mac i can't test it on FOC, but i believe it's for the original EAW) which gives the rebels and the empire heaps of new units, and adds the CIS in the most UNcanon thing ever (it assumes dooku's back, he's pissed, and he's rebuilt all his armies... try the 'revenge of the CIS' galactic conquest campaign) It also adds in a bunch of things, like...

-Playing as the empire, when starting off at tech lvl. 1, you get CLONE troopers, and when you get to lvl. 3, they are replaced by stormtroopers.

-Anakin skywalker is your hero, who is replaced by Darth Vader at tech 3.

- Same goes for Obi wan, replaced by old obi wan at tech 3.

This is what SHOULD be fully accessible in the mod, unfortunately, seeing as the site is down (it links to the Galactic resurrection homepage) it's going to be hard to fix some things, so I may have to take charge of this operation and do some tweaking to get everything that doesn't work, to work.

Fully Fuctional mini-DSII used by palpatine in space.
New Heroe-Anakin Skywalker, replaced at Tech lvl 3 by vader
Clone Troopers, replaced at Tech lvl 3 by stormtroopers
Shutter Shield can be built on cetain planets
Lancer-class Frigate
Mandator Cruiser
Executor SSD
Eclipse SSD
Vengeance SSD
Sovriegn SSD
Titan Heavy cruiser
World Devestator
TIE Droid
Chiss clawcraft
fixes vader glitch, he is now escorted by tie avengers.
All new units are in skirmish, except the sovriegn and DSII. (sovriegn may be invluded later though)
Royal guards buildible on coruscant and alderaan
Empire units only in skirmish--most at merchant dock!
Virago Fighter squadron
Merchant Gunboat
Imperial Gunship
Arc-170 fighter squadron
V-wing squadron
munificent cruiser
vulture droid

The Rebel Alliance
Mediator Cruiser
Bothan Assault frigate
Bulwark Cruiser
Home One resized
Obi-wan uses eta-2 jedi interceptor in space battles.
Obi-wan has stealth.
New heroe--young obi-wan kenobi,replaced at tech lvl 3 by old kenobi.
Rebel Skirmish units
The Liberator
Eta-2 squadron
Arc-170 squadron
V-wing squadron

The Confederacy of Indepedent Systems (CIS)
Death Star
Invisible Hand
Slave 1
Technounion Destroyer
Providence class cruiser
lucrehulk mobile command ship.
recuscant class cruiser
Genosian pinneace
munificent-class frigate
Diamond-class frigate
CIS corvette
Vulture Droid
Genosian nantex fighter
Technounion fighter
Space stations
Hidden asteroid base
Lucrehulk core ship
Ground units
Plex Shocktrooper
Field Commander
Shocktrooper Assasin
Shocktrooper bodyguard(cant build them, they come with dooku)
Count Dooku
Jango Fett
Vulture Droid Ground attack fighter
CIS Skiff
CIS Pod walker
CIS swamp speeder
Ground Structures
Command Center
Turbo lasers
Reseach facility
mining facility
superhypervelocity gun

New Features
The Eclipse Superlaser:A horrifying weapon, the superlaser aboard the eclipse is percise enough to remove a rebel base from a planet surface, without destroying the whole planet,It will replace your bombing run during the groundbattle, use it to erradicate the rebellion from the surface.(can only beused with the eclipse in orbit)
Sovriegn SSD--destroys planets much like the DS
World Devestators-These horrors of the empire can fight in space and land! in space any unit that gets near thier underside will be destroyed, they also have the ability to "Eat" any unit in a small range, that will recharge about every 30 seconds, on ground the will also destroy anything in thier foward arc, in both space and land battle they will pump out TIE droids.
Orbital Bombardment--move a capital ship in orbit of a planet to use orbital bombardment during the ground battle(this is the CIS "bombing run")
There is also a lot more to be found. Try it for yourself.
Now, there are 3 things that I haven't found, as I played this mod-

World Devastators- I don't know how or where to get them, but I haven't seen advanced factories or whatever yet, so who knows.

A lot of worlds may be missing their descriptions-the new ones, such as talus or whatever it is.
I believe that the majority of these new worlds has their own map though, and is fully playable-
Kamino sure is cramped though.

Also, there is a bug in this mod that screws up the menu system, so download the patch here-

Don't play until you've got that fixed.

Questions, comments? email them to me at
Also i am always looking for more team members, if your interested send an application to the above adress, with what position you would like, and maybe some of your past work.

I don't know what's currently happening in production with this mod, I'll email sonic, and if it's not in production, I'll ask around and hopefully give this new life.

Ideas for future releases?

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best EAW mod, not finished, if can be maded to FoC

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finally, i can be republic with cheats

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can the be put on an mac

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how do you launch the game with the mod

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lol playing on a mac lame

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